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Requested by: MERINA on 8/17/17


Requested by: mina  on 8/16/17

Please pray for my marriage and togetherness, brother with terminal throat cancer, finances, hope and deliverance for myself, children and bad habits, mother and father health issues, strength, as we pray for others, immediate help thank you! 

Requested by: Chidiebere Chima Ozoemenam on 8/15/17

I have just applied (on August 11th 2017) to the visa office in Netherlands for a visa to study in the Netherlands this September 2017, please pray that my study visa is given to me successfully for September 2017. Please remember to pray for me. I am worried

Requested by: Hannah on 8/14/17

For those I know who do not believe, are addicted to drugs and alcohol, and have depression issues. For the healing of my heart and my mothers surgery. For my prayer groups intentions. Thank you. and for the blessing of all priests especially the ones who have ever helped me and those I love. For coworkers and family members, those in my past, present and future and for family members vocations. Thank you. God bless 

Requested by: Alex on 8/14/17

Pray that we receive the miracle we seek. Please pray for our future, as we do, so that we may, moving forward, do good work for others. 

Requested by: Darron Traylor on 8/12/17

Prayer for a friend Darron Traylor to return to church and give his life to Christ a renewed heart more Christ like demons evil spirits to flee break the strongholds chains bondage that are destroying HIS life 

Requested by: Becky on 8/12/17

Please help renew my relationship with Gabe Serafin. Heal both of our hearts from the pain of our loss.  Help us open up the lines of communication with each other. I pray that you bring him back quickly. Allow us to reconcile and start anew with your holy blessing. Help me stay strong in faith and to trust in your timing.  Give me the strength to go on each day without this immense heartache. Amen 

Requested by: Stephen Guinnane on 8/11/17

Please offer up my family for increase of true virtue, love, faith, hope, and charity in the home. Please pray for my Uncle Paul Guinnane, and his wife who left him, Tracy Guinnane. They have two children. That love may bound and be adundant in their home and family. God is merciful. Please offer them up in Holy Mass, to the Blessed Sacrament and Presence of Jesus, and a Holy Rosary for them. Grant also the girl Bella who uses the "live dot me" app, her siblings, and family, her mother and father in the Mass as well. Thank you and God Bless.

Requested by: Verna Santiago on 8/9/17

Humbly asking for your prayers in settling my financial obligations in full before Aug.15, 2017.For the speedy recovery of my Aunt and nephews and for my promotion.Please help me to pray for I am in difficult situation right now.Thank you so much.this I ask in Jesus name through mother Mary.Amen

Requested by: Bro. Alexander Chung, MIC on 8/8/17

For the complete healing and recovery of Nevin's eyesight and for his ongoing conversion.

Requested by: Theresa on 8/5/17

Divine Mercy Incarnate Jesus, I thank You for the healings and deliverances You gave me this last trip to CHM. I thank You also for the  provisional promotion offer with regards to my profession and I thank You that You will lift the hiring freeze so that the  official offer can be given and begin anew in the vocation You have chosen for me, not my will, but Thy Will be done.  I also pray into the images and words that were prayed over me including a mentor, balanced life, apartment/moving arrangements, and how You will manifest Yourself as  Victorious King even in the pratical. Help me, in Your gentleness, to remain humble and faith so that I may truly see Your graces each day and receive the abundance that You desire to pour in my life. Provide financially and in all ways regarding school and pups and thank You for peaceful partings. As for me, help me to remain centered in You and follow You in the new path that You have paved for me, with attentiveness to Your Merciful Love. Thank You, True Lord Jesus, You are safe and in Your merciful graces, help me to truly experience this truth of Your peace and safety, reconciled in Your Body forevermore. Blessed Mother pray for me that I may renew my consecration. St. Joseph, communion of saints, and holy angels please pray with and for me, wholeness, and consistency in prayer. Although I may be broken/divided, True Lord, Jesus, You are whole and in You, I am whole, AMEN. 

Requested by: Wesley Fernandes  on 8/4/17

Mother plz pray to Jesus to heal all my wounds , help  me to think positive always, protect my job and my family, and whatever I lost in sin plz mama give it back to me. Always guide me everyday ,free my brother winny and me of alcohol habits Lord Jesus I thank you for what I am today plz bless me free me of inferiority and fear heal all my inner wounds , Always guide me everyday of my life , I offer my dreams ,of building cottages send some financial My house and if it is your will bless us with a daughter ,strengthen me mentally physically emotionally bless me with wisdom ,bless my wife on her birthday day may her dreams come true I make this prayer in lord Jesus name 

Requested by: Lisa Kuruvilla  on 8/3/17

Pray for my marriage. My carrear to grow. In my current job no mistakes to happen. My boss to be good and not to shout. No evil to come. My colleagues to be good. Our family property to get. My parents health to be good and mine. In our family all happiness to come and no sadness. Our prayers to be answered for years which we are waiting.i should be strong and confident.  My sister to have a good life. All evil who do to me in office protect me from that.  In our home no evil to come. My office people who trouble me to take care of them. We are wating for years. Please answer us. Tonight let the answer come. Dad to be sup   portive and understanding. Let smile come to us.

Requested by: pradeep on 8/1/17 please pray for me to   solve my    financial problems and to get a  good job.

Requested by: Abby K Abraham on 7/31/17

I wish to migrate to Canada and my documents have been submitted and is under processing. The results will be declared by August 8th . I believe Mother Mary will remove all the obstructions that is present for the approval of my migration. I would be grateful if you could please pray for me.  Thank you Amen 

Requested by: maria  on 7/31/17

Dear Jesus please take care of Armando who is having breathing problem he was very bad this  morning !he is very critical. Jesus creator and savior trusting in your divine love please heal him and regain his health give him the grace to walk and be normal again. Thank you Jesus

Requested by: Amanda M. king on 7/30/17 Please pray for peace of mind and healing for me as I go through the trial of having cancer, a blood clot, a neuromuscular disease, an eye disease, etc. Also for my family: my sister Rebecca's healing from intestinal disorder called SIBO, a new and happy job for sister Brigid, A new job for Christopher, freedom from addiction for Hugh and Brendan, a happy death fro Peggy, peaceful older years for my dad, Fred. Thank you.

Requested by: Elizabeth on 7/8/17

Pray for Linda S., for her salvation. And pray for the protection and well-being of her children and those around her, from her anger issues. Pray for Linda that her eyes, heart and mind be open to know, accept and believe in Jesus' grace, His way, truth and life. Thank you.

Requested by: Verna Santiago on 7/26/17

Humbly asking for your prayers in settling my financial obligations the soonest time.For the speedy recovery of my Aunt and nephews and for my promotion.Please help me to pray for I am in difficult situation right now.Thank you so much.This I ask in Jesus name through mother Mary.Amen

Requested by: nisha papachan on 7/26/17

My name is nisha papachan and im from Karnataka. Im looking for job as im not working since an year. I have an broken relationship for which im under depression and not able to over come the pain of six years of relationship. I request you to pray for me to get a job and overcome the pain and move ahead. Your prayer means a lot  Thank you

Requested by: Eileen E  on 7/25/17

I am currently having challenges with my boyfriend, Mark, who lives overseas. We are both in love with each other, but he is beginning to say he doesn't know how it can work with us being 4,000 miles apart. He's not ready for a live-in relationship, and he has a lot of other stress re: work, his ex, and his ill mother... I am asking that you please pray for clarity and assistance for us to communicate openly and honestly and for him to see all of the ways it could work, rather than not  and also for God to work on his heart and help remove his fear of being totally committed to us.  In addition, I am struggling with unemployment since May. I have been made one offer, however my heart and soul are not happy with this job and I feel it is not what I want to do. I don't know if I should just be grateful and accept the role and look for something else, or if I should stay true, say no, and hope/pray that the right job will come along. Thank you for your prayers and help! 

Requested by: Antony yesudas on 7/24/17

My Mother Mary, Please pray to God to be Mercy upon me, I am struggling in my life.

Requested by: Elizabeth White on 7/23/17

Asking for prayers for my son, Owen, who is a Navy Veteran - that he will clearly put God first in his life and with the support of others praying, he will seek to pray for God's guidance, wisdom and inspiration for his life and future ? career and family life. Pray that Owen will turn to Jesus for salvation, truth and grace, to live his life filled with faith, hope, and love. *Thank you for your prayers.

Requested by: Leah on 7/13/17

Emergency Prayers Needed please:  My faith and trust has been shaken to the core for the first in 20+ years. A corrupt judge gave my ex full custody of our traumatized children, who he's abused for years,  causing a major break down. After months of daily prayers, I'm still unable to find any pro bono legal help and I've had no contact w my children. My children desperately need help/advocacy/protection and my prayers asking for even the smallest sign of help, hope...still unanswered. I'm now struggling with PTSD, my heart/spirit are broken and the pain is unbearable. I'm desperate for ongoing prayers for a miracle/divine intervention/the TRUTH to be known and an army of legal help to bring my children home. I'm begging for ongoing prayers to continue till the end of September (two court dates). I will update with any good news. Thank you so much. 

Requested by: Jamie L on 7/13/17

I am petitioning the assistance of God to change the heart of my lost companion Valerie. It was wonderful to be with her and I miss her immensely. Please remind her of the joy we shared together. She was not only a friend but also a mentor with great advice who lifted my spirits greatly. It would mean so much to have her back in my life again.

Requested by: TAREN KACHARY on 7/11/17

Respected Sir/Madam, At the very beginning, I praise and give thanks to almighty Lord Jesus Christ and Mother Mary for their kindness, love and blessings towards me. I am writing this prayer request, because I wish to remarry at the age of 35 years but only with a girl who believes in, have full faith upon and worships Lord Jesus Christ and Mother Mary with her soul. One who will love me throughout my life, my two children and my mother and will join hands with me in building a great Christian family. I hope that you and your ministries prayers will be heard and accepted by our almighty God and that Lord Jesus Christ and Mother Mary will fulfills my wish of remarriage and makes my married life happy, peaceful and prosperous forever. Thanking you.

Requested by: Jan Gajewski on 7/9/17

God Father in the name of the Lord Jesus asks for abundant blessing and health for Natasha, Michael, Martha and John. Mother of God, pray for us.

Requested by: Akash murmu on 7/7/17

I am request to you my brother please pray for my lost wife sushila murmu please come back my home soon. Please help me. I am very lonely without you sushila please come back my home soon. I am very sorry to you sushila. My lord jesus please bring my lost wife sushila murmu please come back my home soon. Please help me my lord jesus. 

Requested by: Rebecca Hall on 7/7/17

Dear Sisters, would it be possible to uphold me in your prayers? I am struggling with "honour thy father and mother" as my father is abusive, also struggling to start to forgive him for being abusive and it is beginning to dent my faith a little. 

Requested by: Sarah on 7/7/17

Hello please could you pray for my husband Neil who will soon be having tests to see if he has inherited a gene which predisposes him to motor neurone disease. Please pray that the tests will be negative and that Neil does not have this faulty gene thank you for your prayers  Hello, please could you pray for my amazing Dad Jeffrey who has terminal cancer caused by asbestos. His cancer is spreading aggresively and I am asking for prayer for his healing. He is becoming weak and needs physical strength as well as inner healing from cancer. I also pray for a clear mind for my Dad. Thank you so much

Requested by: Rebekah Wolff on 7/6/17

Please immediately bless Nick Rahoy and Rebekah Wolff's love relationship, protect it, bless it, strengthen it and keep it strong from any outsiders and continue to heal both of their hearts from any past hurts, so their love can continue to forgive and blossom for one another.

Requested by: patrick murphy on 7/5/17

Patience and the will to overcome the lack of funds we have lived under for almost fifty years. I never purchased an item we did not need.  Thank you for your intervention.

Requested by: Ella on 7/4/17

Dear Friends and Prayer Warriors, Giving Praise,Honor and Glory to our Heavenly Father. May I ask if you would continue to pray for Healing for Michael Jr.,Jessie,Ella,Michael Sr.,Darionna,Sonserya.I need divine intervention in my life. I'm sinking further into darkness. Overwhelmed. Pray with me that I can see God's Goodness working for me. It's like I'm in this maze and can't find my way out. Emotional,Physically,Financially and I'm feeling so alone. I can't even concentrate half  of the time. I Pray,I've tried meditation. Please help me, show me the way Dear Lord. Thank you all for your prayers in Jesus name Amen.

Requested by: Ella on 7/4/17

Please pray with me for God's Blessings over my life. I'm at the end of my rope,financially.  I'm not able to meet my obligations. I have been at the mercy of others for my meals in spite of some of their mean comments, I'm grateful. Lord have mercy on me. Please show me the way to get back on my feet. I'm overwhelmed, I feel like I'm in a maze. Help me with my financial legal matters.   I place all that are against me into your loving care. Thank you all for your prayers in the mighty name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Amen

Requested by: johny on 7/3/17


Requested by: Bro. Alexander Chung, MIC on 6/27/17

For the healing of Mario Costanza and Caroline Marie Gavin and that Caroline Marie Gavin and her children will be living very near to the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy in Stockbride, Massachusetts, USA, frequently visit it, be perfectly healthy, and continue to grow in the faith.

Requested by: Sukima W on 6/24/17

On Monday June 19th I went for an ultrasound apt. and was told by the Doctor that my son in womb has no heartbeat. I refuse to accept that. I am a believer and I have a faith that the ultrasound was wrong that day and I am going for a second opinion this weekend with high hopes that my Lord will give me the results I was supposed to get the first time. Please pray for the health of my son in my womb and that his heart beat was missed the first time and is present on his next ultrasound. It is because of this pregnancy that I devoted my life to God, repented, delivered, baptized and accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and saviour. This child is a blessing from God and my story will be a testimony for my lord. Thank you everyone for your keeping my son in your prayers. God Bless us all in Jesus mighty name, Amen

Requested by: Kathy on 6/21/17

Prayers are needed immediately for a miracle to prevent the unjust, public humiliation of an innocent priest.

Requested by: Verna on 6/20/17

Humbly asking for your prayers in settling my financial problems come June 30, 2017.For the speedy recovery of my Aunt and for my promotion.Please help me to pray in this difficult times of my life.Thank you so much.This I ask in Jesus name through mother Mary.Amen.

Requested by: Pastor Thieringo on 6/19/17

Protection prosperity miracles wisdom freedom blessings chance healing success grace of God and mercy compassion of Jesus must be in pastor Thieringo's in Jesus name

Requested by: CL on 06/11/17

Prayers for the situation with my young son, Ben. The situation is heartbreaking and as a mother, I'm struggling deeply. The Lord knows what's happening and just ask for prayers for wisdom, discernment, and any and all other help I can get. I ask for prayers for my ex-husband, S. May his home and heart be filled with the light. Please pray for my protection and my son's.  I pray, if it's God's will, that the opportunity for me to move closer to my family opens. I have many wonderful friends in my area, but I'm am ready to leave near my family once again. Prayers also for my financial situation. I have a college degree but work in social services. It just isn't enough to live on every month. I've been introduced to a wonderful business opportunity and praying for success. I want to help many people. Thank you! 

Requested by: James on 06/09/17

I want to pray for my sister, Gloria who has left home. and may she forget her painful past. May she experience the the love of Jesus in her life again. I also want to pray for my friend Aparna, she has stopped coming to Church. May she be free from all bad people in her life. May she experience the the love of Jesus in her life again. I also pray for my marriage and career.. Good health of Mom and Dad

Requested by: Vikki on 06/08/17

Please pray for my niece Idalys, 16 years old, who has recently been suffering from much stomach problems, intestinal flu or so along with many bouts of diarrhea. Because of this, she has missed a number of school days. Her doctor has decided to refer her to an out of town specialist for treatment about 2 hours away.  Please also pray for her mother, Jackie, a single mother of two, who suffers from back problems due to an auto accident two years ago.  In the ordeal, she fractured 7 ribs on her right and so had to be admitted into the ICU in the hospital for almost a week.  She was in the ICU in order to control pain and was intravenously given heavy doses of strong pain killers.  She is currently going to physical therapy but still complaining of possibly debilitating back pain.  Please pray for their physical, emotional and especially spiritual healing since they have been through such ordeals. Thank you very much.

Requested by: santosh on 6/3/17

Please pray for Santosh that the lord blesses him with maturity , understanding and discernment and delivery him from all bondage , evil habits and wrong convection and give him the grace to see the truth and understand gods ways. That the lord blesses and protect his work and give him the grace and wisdom to handle every issues problem at work and for unity and understanding in his work place and blesses the company that he is work in. Give him the grace to always take the right decision and to handle every situation with wisdom, that the lord blesses him and his family with good health and for the lord mighty protection over them.

Requested by: seema on 6/2/17

Please pray for me and my family that the lord blesses us with good health in body , mind , soul and spirit , give us the grace to be always in his presence and fill us with his spirit and blesses us with his divine wisdom, maturity , understanding , discernment and to have the fear of god in our heart , that he give us the grace to see the truth and understand his ways , that the lord deliver us from every evil habits , bondage and from all our weaknesses . That the lord fill the family with his love and give us the grace to understand , love and respect each other and always take the right decision and for the lord mighty protection over us.

Requested by: Sr sarojini on 5/31/17

My sister Mrs sadhna is suffering from aml cancer please pray that God may heal her

Requested by: Cristin M on 5/30/17

Please ask God to send me love and happiness.  If David is the one God intended for me, I ask that He heal our relationship.  If not, I ask that God send a good man into my life.  Please ask God to have Mercy on me.  Also, please God to help David with his career.    

Requested by: Br. Alex Chung, MIC on 5/29/17

For the Prayer Line Ministry at the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy, Stockbridge, Massachusetts, USA. May all those involved with it, call or write to us be graced with an increasing faith, hope, and charity, be eternally saved and be a light for others. May this ministry continue to flourish and have perpetual adoration. May it and the Shrine be covered by the Rays of Jesus' Mercy and be wrapped within the pure, protective, and loving mantle of Mother Mary, Our Lady of Mercy. May no spirits that are not of God, the self-will, flesh, world, or devil be within or around it, or come into it, may all who visit, work, volunteer and live there be also graced with a growing faith, hope, and charity, be eternally saved and be a beacon of His love and light for others. May this Shrine have the proper facilities to accommodate more vocations and visitors, and also be a beacon of His light and love for all people and the whole world.

Requested by: shamila aziz on 5/22/17

Dear Jesus I beg of you please hear my prayer. I ask for Your help and guidance with my visa application and interview. Dear kind God you can do everything, nothing is impossible for you, so please miracle for me, the embassy officer approve me and my Mother's USA visa because my sister is alone there. Thank you God for everything you have given me, I know you always take care of us. I will always be obliged to you. Dear God bless and guide me. and give me success in my interview. Amen

Requested by: John Ahern on 5/22/17
Please perpetually enroll me in the book of life.

Requested by: Santosh on 5/20/17
Please pray for Santosh that the lord blesses him with maturity, understanding, discernment,wisdom and the grace to always to take the right decision and able to see the truth and understand the ways of the lord , that the lord blesses his work and for his work to be appreciated .That the lord deliver him from every bondages and evil habits .For the lord mighty protection over him and his family .

Requested by: Jocelyn on 5/17/17
Please pray that Robert F. still walks in God?s ways, loves His Word, and listens to His Holy Spirit. Pray that Robert believes God, help his unbelief. Pray also that Robert contacts me (Jocelyn) very soon. 

Requested by: Jan Gajewski on 5/14/17

God Father in the name of the Lord Jesus away from our family curse, protect from evil, forgive sins and bless in every day especially in an important case ... Amen

Requested by: Brother Alexander Chung, MIC on 5/13/17

Prayers for these 7 men, Bonaventure Chapman, O.P., Thomas Davenport, O.P., Joachim Kenny, O.P., Jacob Bertrand Janczyk, O.P., Luke Hoyt, O.P., Alan Piper, O.P., and Edmund Mary McCullough, O.P. They God Willing will be ordained to the Priesthood on May 20th, 2017. Prayers also that at least 80 million souls be released out of purgatory during their Ordination Mass. That these new souls in heaven along with all the angels and saints, the Holy Family, the Trinity, and the communion of all the saints ceaselessly intercede for the Pope, the Church, for all Priests and Religious and for us and all people.

Requested by: satheesh on 5/11/17

please pray that i get the canadian visa regected again to my post graduat e study this august

Requested by: payal on 5/11/17

Dear holy mother  bless me with a divine health and bless this orphan child to get a job soon.And bless me to settle my marriage and to be get every rights of my parents . Bless me and protect me from from the snares of the enemy and all from wicked people around me.And heal my sister sapna for her uterus be healed in jesus name Amen  And pray for the family be blessed in jesus name Amen.  Thanks mama hear my prayers  with divine mercy and benign protection.Amen

Requested by: Michelle Madewell on 5/11/17

Please pray my son Brandon is healed from his mental breakdown and never has another one. Please  pray he goes on to have a beautiful life without medicine . Amen thank you Mom

Requested by: Bro. Alex on 5/7/17

For the physical healing of Caroline Marie Gavin's many illnesses, and through the intercession of Mother Mary, all those who are involved with The Skeptics Society, who produce Skeptic Magazine becomes converted and miraculous transformed, so that they will be zealous promoters of truth and bring the truth to many. 

Requested by: Arun on 5/4/17

Greetings in the name of Jesus.  Please pray for me to get my job back, which I resigned one month back and to come out of my financial problem.  Looking forward to your prayers... Thanks  you all

Requested by: Janice Myrick on 5/4/17

To keep my husband safe and healthy and lift his burden. I have a terminal lung illness with no cure but a transplant. It is called Pulmonary Fibrosis. I need much care on oxygen 24/7 and can barely walk across the room. He is an amazing husband of 42 years. I worry for all he has on his shoulders. Still working so I have better insurance since I am on disability. Please pray for him. Then please pray for me. Our cups runneth over. 

Requested by: NN - on 5/3/17

heavenly father, help me, You knows my pain, You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner though God knows , I come with a broken heart, Father, You knows how long I have waited a reconcilitation and restore relations for me and him. God if you deign, please God soften and touch damianus aditya christie heart for me. I can?t touch his heart but Lord you can. please bless those who hate me, don't let their hatred on I made them proud. Show me your way, Lord; teach me your paths. you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long. please make this miracle happen for me

Requested by: Elizabeth Chong on 5/2/17

Please help me pray for I have accumulated too much debt, and now I cannot imagine overcoming it without God's help. Please Lord, provide me with the financial means to be able to breath again. Please forgive my sins, Lord. Walk with me and help me to make the right decisions throughout my life. In Jesus name I pray, Amen

Requested by: annette fath on 5/1/17

Pray for marriage and family Pray pension taxes pray Rachel stays away from G.F and vice versa