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Requested by: LEU on 3/15/18

prayers requested for 2 unspoken prayer topics. Praise the Lord

Requested by: Dany Boisvert on 3/15/18 

Please pray that God may help and guide me (Dany Boisvert) with my family problems and protect me from evil.  Thank you.

Requested by: new on 3/15/18

very urgent - prayers requested for finances and the employment visa alongside job which i await one year. Praise the lord

Requested by: asha rajan on 3/14/18
Dear Mother Mary , pls pray for my son & his step father. Some issues arise between them. My husband is stubborn  in nature, He is ignoring my son  very much.MY Son is studying in class x.  I can?t see this mother  .pls remove the gap between my loving son & his father. Please  fill  their heart with love & cares. Please change my son & husband  heart

Requested by: David and Magda with kids on 3/12/18

Heavenly Father. Thank you very much for all you have done for us so far and we would like to ask you to give our family your love, care, blessing, help with everyday problems , hope, care, peace and good health. Bless us all
Lord,  we pray, for loved ones,here and near, and far away.  GOD Bless You

Requested by: Xavier on 3/12/18

Mother Mary, Please pray for the repose of souls of Celine, Gemma, Beatrice, Romulo and Antonio.  Please pray for Jesus to grant me the grace of genuine conversion, the grace of final perseverance and to deliver me from purgatory after my death. please pray for Nikki's leg to be healed completely.

Requested by: Seth on 3/12/18

Please pray for me for my anatomy and physiology class and for a job that I?m applying for. I have been through a long struggle in my school and hope to bounce back from my struggle. I hope to get a job in which Ibplace my trust in God for my confidence.

Requested by: Josh watson on 3/11/18

Continual prayers for josh as he is facing an aggressive cancer in the brain. He is a father and has four young children. Prayers for healing and God?s light to shine on this darkness which is cancer

Requested by: Devendra Khurana on 3/10/18

I love a girl whose name is Sweksha.Please pray for me so that she marries me Thanks a lot

Requested by: Private on 3/8/18

 For St. John of God. For St. Senan. For the repose of FH, AF, CF, CF, IG, FJG, CEG, MJG, NMSG, BLGR, FJG, HJM, JG, JG, ML, JDLCG, TFF, PT, WCBJ, RB, PN, TB, PDO, LSO, and EWF.  Thank you and God bless you.  Amen.

Requested by: Prima on 3/8/18

My brother in law is going for proposal for marriage by hiding his actual age and lie prospects in life. The difference of age would be more than 20 years. The girl parents have expired. I request you to pray that let that girl not be fooled by this proposal.

Requested by: Beth on 3/8/18

Pray that God can guide Jesse to a new home for herself and her young son. Pray that Jesse can get the professional help that she needs to be a better mother and pray for Jesus's salvation, hope and peace for this situation.

Requested by: Sandeep on 3/7/18

Please pray for my job security, Which is in critical stage,Kindly pray to get it resolve soon and keep safe in job

Requested by: Linda D Namyalo on 3/7/18

I pray Brian RubondoTumusiime becomes my boyfriend please God listen to me please your daughter needs you here please please please

Requested by: Eddie  on 3/6/18

Please pray I get completely out of this trouble without being separated from my family I'm very scared for my family and myself please pray 

Requested by: Nicholas on 3/5/18 Please pray that God will give us victory in court on 14th  March and later dates until the case is over. Nicholas & Edith Nakuru,Kenya

Requested by: Mary on 3/5/18

Pls.pray for me to have good dental surgery tomorrow

Requested by: Sharie  on 3/4/18

Please help us in praying that we may be able to get back all the stolen items by the burglar here in our home. We pray also for safety healing and more blessings. Thank you

Requested by: PAULINE MONFERO on 3/4/18


Requested by: L on 3/1/18

For MJL health and family, for peace and reconciliation in our friendship--heal our hurts and open our hearts to reconcile  For Matt, Kyle, Aunt Norma

Requested by: Jocelyn Grace on 2/26/18
Please pray that God brings the people I'm meant to work with into my life soon so we may begin what God has called us to do. 

Requested by: Praveen on 2/25/18 Oh Mother Mary, Thanking you mother for all blessing and favors received from you.Praying painfully to to unite me and SM ,drive away all the problems and barriers between me and SM that keeps us separate .Remove all anger and pain in SMs mind against me and bless her to forgive me and love me passionately as husband .Praying you to intervene and remove hurdles and problems in our relationship. Pls bless us to live and love unconditionally till our last breath and bless us to follow ur path in whole of our life.Praying mother to remove all other temptation and barriers in our relationship and bless us to love each other without limit ,bless us to accept each other as husband and wife and bless SM to take care of me whole through our life.Oh mother Mary, pls fill our mind with love and care for each other .Oh mother praying to remove all doubts and hesitation in our mind and bless us to love unconditionally as husband and wife.Requesting Mother to mercy on us and and forgive our sins.Trusting in your holy power mother and your love towards those who are suffering and paining . Oh mother! save our relationship from breaking up and bless us to love each other more deeply.Oh mother of Lord,praying to bless me and SM to forgive and forget all pain n hurt made by each other and start to love each more passionately day by day and live as husband and wife till last breath.Requesting Mother to accept my prayer and miraculous intervention ,live in the hope of your blessing . Amen

Requested by: appu v on 2/24/18
Dear Sister,I am facing anxiety,fear ,insecurity,fear of disease very much and its much due to my sins.Please forgive my sins ,the sins of my ancestors and give me peace. Please bless the pregnancy of my wife and bless us with a good god fearing child.Please fullfil our wish to migrate to Canada this year.My current job faces sudden insecurity and i should change to a better job.Please provide me job security and a better job which enables me to clear all debts before i migrate.  My money is deceived by sales executives of an insurance company by offering invalid offers,Please help me to recover that money.Please bless my brother with good marriage who faces inferiority complex due to his inborn mark in face.Please give him good future.Please bless my mother with happiness,please make her wishes come true  and gift my family a healthy happy long life. thanks for all blessings  appu( kuriakose)  

Requested by: Arthur Kok. on 2/20/18
Dear Mother Mary, Please pray for MP Mr. Gobind Singh who will contesting in the Puchong constituency for the coming soon 2018 Malaysia general election. Pray that Mr. Gobind Singh will be well prepared and give good speech for the Puchong community in the 2018 Malaysia general election. Pray also that Mr. Gobind Singh will win in the 2018 Malaysia general election and become a successful politician who serve the Puchong community. Thank you very much for your prayers. God bless you always.

Requested by: JANE FERRAO on 2/20/18

Requested by: Mary Jo on 2/19/18
Please pray for my boyfriend Matthew to find a job ASAP. He was fired from his job this past Thursday and he desperately needs a job to help him stay out of jail and of course to help with financial issues. Also please pray for mercy from the judge. A dog attacked him. He hit the dog to get it off him, the dog's owner attacked Matthew and a fight ensued. My boyfriend was arrested and is now facing jail time. Thank you, Mary Jo

Requested by: Diane on 2/18/18
I am struggling with depression from abuse and harassment, my husband doesn't understand and wants a divorce.  Please pray he becomes compassionate and supportive during this difficult time and stops asking for a separation.  Thank you for your time.

Requested by: Veronica on 2/17/18
That my Daughter is healed of all cancer in her body.  She's so young, 32 years old.  She's been fighting this illness/disease for 2 years now.  I ask for prayer & comfort for her during her treatment starting Monday.

Requested by: al costa on 2/17/18
I ask for my ex-wife, Roselle Torres del Negro Lima, and her father Milton Lima. I ask her to know the love that only the mother of God can give her because I failed

Requested by: Sathya on 2/16/18
Please pray for the health of Bharathidasan/Chottu,to cleanse him of stubbornness,arrogance, anger,grudge,ego and to bring him back to me calling me "mummy" as before. Lord,make him realize how much I love him as my kid and please bring him back to me.AMEN

Requested by: Chels on 2/15/18
Please pray for Jesus to return. Thanks!

Requested by: Sylvia on 2/12/18
Please continue to pray that the nursing home my mother was in when she passed away on 1/14/18 are found.  These items are not worth a lot of money, only worth a lot of memories & love of my mother.  I am already heart broken, if these are found, I know God played His hand in it & I will know Mummy will be happy too.  Thank you

Requested by: Brother Alexander Chung, MIC on 2/12/18
That I receive the Holy Spirit to the full and overflowing now and forever, be graced with the gifts of wisdom, fortitude, perseverance and final perseverance, patience, humility, prayer, counsel, faith, hope, trust, simplicity, and charity, and to be graced to keep getting up, to always live in Jesus' Truth, Will and Love, and be graced to always be Jesus' little willing instrument and little faithful, suffering and loving servant.

Requested by: SD on 2/10/18
Thank you.  Please pray for the soul of my mother Catherine, 93, who passed away on Sunday, 1/14/18, 11:38 PM.  My heart is broken.  Pleas also pray that the nursing home she was in (who took excellent care of her) the items of my mother that misplaced (blankets, sweater, vases & flowers), these things are not worth a lot of money but are worth much more to us.  Please pray we get them back.  I can't understand why God would not want us to have them back.  Thank you so much.

Requested by: Bonnie on 2/9/18
Please heal my son Jason from Lyme Disease so he could return to work and support his family.  

Requested by: Agnes on 2/9/18
Please pray for ny son Sam to get fluent speech, be exemplary in his school work and career. Bless all my generation

Requested by: John on 2/7/18
Oh Mother, Praying painfully to save the relationship between me and Shobitha from break up and bless us to accept each other as husband and wife.Bless us to live together till last breath.  Amen

Requested by: Benjamin Dimowo on 2/7/18
Hello all, Please I need your prayers.  I sense attacks from the evil one but I know God is superior. God has been very faithful even in my unfaithfulness.  I lost my dad recently. He battled with stroke for months before he finally died.  Most persons around me seem to be after my ill. I have fasted and prayed but the benefits of the aforementioned soon wear out. I sense that some persons in my family are in possession of evil power. They act friendly on the outside but are always trying to trap me. I cannot explain their attitudes. Sometimes it seems as if they know what I intend doing even before I do it so they set up barriers and difficulties. As a result, my life is not as it should. I am far from achieving my goals and I am confused as to my purpose in life. Please pray for me.
I believe in the scripture that says that one shall chase a thousand and two, tens of thousands. It is for this reason, I beg you to join my prayer intentions with those you pray on a daily basis. I am strongly convinced that there is no mountain that prayers cannot level. There is no challenge insurmountable for God.  My prayer intentions are as follows: I ask, seek and knock on God's throne of divine mercy, favour and grace for complete deliverance from the powers, forces and authority of the evil one.  I ask, seek and knock for the reign of the Holy Spirit over my life, family, friends, relations, well wishers, priests, neighbours, church and all that concerns us. I ask, seek and knock that God's will and only His will be done in my life and all that concerns me. I ask, seek and knock for the repose of my dad's soul (Chief Anthony Jagun Dimowo) with our Lord Jesus Christ in heaven. I ask, seek and knock for world peace. I ask, seek and knock for the grace to fulfill God's purpose for creating me and to do all that God requires.
Above all, I ask, seek and knock for the grace to better know, love and serve God in this world and be happy with Him in the next which is heaven.  All these I pray in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Requested by: Xavier on 2/4/18
Mother Mary, please intercede for us to get our property back which our tenant and his wife have usurped. 
Requested by: mary K on 1/25/18
Please pray for Paul to get washed in Jesus precious blood, get filled with Holy spirit, get healing from long-term addiction to alcohol and evil bindings of sin, anxiety, depression, pride, impulsiveness and selfishness.Lord please heal him from every inner wound, give him complete healing from physical, mental and spiritual illness.Make his every relation as it should be.Fill him with happiness, peace and joy.Make him a perfect Father for his children and a perfect husband too.Use him for Your work in this world and let him enter Your Kingdom after fulfilling Your will on this earth.Thanks

Requested by: Esther on 1/23/18
Dearest Mary Mother of the Church please pray for my children. Please pray for their hearts and lives to be filled with love first for God then for each other. Please pray for Gods love bprace and forgiveness to overtake their lives and hearts. Right now they are very angry with each other and none of them will apologize to the other. Please bless them with peace and freedom from all addiction and abuse. Thank you.

Requested by: Nallasivan on 1/23/18
Holy Mother, I know you are the only hope. Please forgive my all Sins and restore my friendship with Subha stronger and healthier than before. I couldn't do anything because it is hurting me. Please make her understand my true friendship and real care towards her. I thank you and give all the glory to you for hearing and solving my friendship issues. Amen.

Requested by: Kristina  on 1/21/18
For my relationship. That Lupe is willing to repair our intimate relationship immediately and for the opportunity to do so today. I ask these intentions in Jesus name amen 

Requested by: Santosh on 1/1/18
Please pray for Santosh and for his family that the lord fills them with his love and give them the grace to understand ,care and respect each other and for the lords mighty protection over them, blesses them with maturity, understanding, discernment, wisdom and to have the fear of god in their heart, that the lord deliver them from every darkness , evil habits , bondage and from their weaknesses, that the lord blesses their work and the children's studies, that the lord blesses their marriage and fill it with his love.For the grace of good health in body , mind , soul, and spirit. Its my humble request please pray for them.  

Requested by: Lesley A Sullivan on 1/17/18
My dad needs healing from the flu. my mom and I need safekeeping and health so we do not get the flu . also my eyes need to be healed, have iritis and MS. Thank you for all that you do. 

Requested by: Vasiliki  on 1/13/18 Please Pray with me .  Holy mother Mary please help me through my employement tribunal final remedy hearing which is on the 19 th January next friday . I have no solicitors and for a year now saw this through alone . I was unafirly dismissed and court found in my favour . The employer is asking the judge not to award me loss of earnings since my dismissal etc and this isnt fair as i faced depresion anxiety to date and hardship. Please please pray the tribunal judge and members decline the employers request as they also asking for another hearing . I seek everything to finalise next Friday i cannot eat sleep and my fybromylgi a worsened . I have no much medical evidence as my gp left . also i gave the court what i had that was relevant . Please holy mother mary help me to gain fair award and for everythijg to go well without any more follow up court hearings . I seek joy in my life justice . I loved my job and even now im struggling to have enough t buy food or essentials . Please help me bestow upo me joy and my home my kids financial freedom calm peace and serenity. Thank  y           

Requested by: SONY on 1/12/18
pls pls pray for the protection of my husband vinod from all legal problems, court cases and arrest. pls pray for his protection always and that he is not arrested.pls keep vinod in your daily prayers for protection and long and happy life.thankyou.pls pray that the authorities dont come to our house.

Requested by: Egodigwe Iloabuchi Livinus on 1/9/18
Lord bless us with long live good health, fruitful womb and children, bless us with financial open doors, financial break through promotion, divine connection a d favour in Jesus mighty name Amen.

Requested by: Mercy Antionette Noronha on 1/8/18
O mary my mother pl bless my nephew with good health n a good job on board d ship n help him to do well in all his interviews n test n pass him in his medicals too thank yoz mother mary praise u mother mary

Requested by: MP Hammond on 1/4/18
Pray for my mother, Natalia Hermosillo, that she may be restored to good health and that she not have cancer

Requested by: Emil Andrei on 1/4/18
Emil Burac to live and recover from coma and to start eating and to become healthy, I ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ ! Amin!

Requested by: Verna Santiago on 1/3/18
Humbly asking for your prayers for our health, finances, promotion and for the retention of all the benefits we are getting.Please help us to pray.This I ask in Jesus name through mother Mary.Amen

Requested by: Barb on 1/3/18
Please pray for my son he has cancer and can't walk