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Requested by: alvira on 11/7/19

Mother Mary I ask you to bless my daughter.protect her on every step of her life.don't let her be weak.make her strong to fight the battle.I place my trust in you..hear my prayer my Mother.ave Maria 

Requested by: Antony John on 11/7/19

Please pray for me to attain a good life so i no need to bow my head. Please pray for me for this subject. Please pray for me. 

Requested by: Pringy Magesh on 11/6/19

My sister in law is going for by pass surgery .Please pray for her

Requested by: Elaine on 11/5/19

Prayer for little Ian.  Fluid retention and breathing asking for a miracle of this precious life.

Requested by: Sonya Taylor on 11/5/19

Asking God for restoration healing forgiveness for my family.  Give T the victory.  Lord have mercy Jesus on my job seems like every time I get my stats up Satan bring me back down.  Asking every month I meet my sale goals.  Lord I try so hard to be the best sales person but I need your help mold me to be great at my job.  Healing for A.  Bless my elderly parents to see their son again.  Continue to bless them with good health restore my mother strength healing for dizziness sob tiredness 

Requested by: Mary Fatima on 11/5/19

Please pray for my son.  He is having a very bad stomach upset.  Gas , pain and more likely pancreas swollen.  Keeps burping and complains of terrible pain.  Cannot eat properly.Refuses to come to clinic or hospital. Please pray for a speedy recovery.

Requested by: Vasanthi on 11/4/19

Holy mother Bless us all bless D to be completely normal November complicates no platelet down no sepsis please save her

Requested by: Sunil on 11/2/19

Mother Mary please pray for me I am sometimes frightened without any please pray for me inorder to overcome this and for peace in my family.

Requested by: Anne  on 11/1/19 

Healing for B a J y myself from all ailments healing for all at home I pray my husband calls me immediately loves me comes back home to live with me forever I pray he gets out of the affair with the woman forever and never goes back to her again I pray he realizes she put him in jail 3times and I bailed him out I pray C calls me immediately and comes back home to live with me forever I pray lines of communication are open between C and me for fulltime work for myself close by soon for a second job soon I pray Brian comes here soon does well in his business I pray D gets his house out of foreclosure soon does well in his business pays bills on time he sells the property I get my money back soon I pray the boil on my forehead goes away without surgery for all needs of our family 

Requested by: Gisha on 10/30/19
Please pray for me to get half mark in Ielts speaking. I lost it and waiting for result. Kindly pray for me to get half mark increase

Requested by: Natalia Dawidowicz on 10/30/19
Mother of God,please,pray for the Souls of my deceased parents, mother W and father M;   Souls of my friend's parents I and G;   Souls of reposed members of families: F and F from France;  G, B, W from England.

Requested by: Phillip Bartley on 10/30/19
Yes I have a lot of enemies I need prayers for protection for my daughter's, my grandson's C, my wife D son-in-law T   God bless you all

Requested by: Shaiji on 10/30/19 
Please pray my husband get a job nearby my house.He is currently jobless and I am 2months pregnant with my second child. No one is there to help and support.

Requested by: Lourdes on 10/29/19
Pls pray for : L(life partner,cataract,heavy bleeding,eye,ear problems,heavy hair fall, loose motions, possession of house), L(job, hearing voices, life partner), J(nervous breakdown, fits,slip disc, headaches,hairfall problem), Jnervous breakdown), B(job). Pls pray for total deliverance from occult bondages.

Requested by: Linda Nelson on 10/27/19
Pray for N.  Pray for medical staff who will oversee her care.  Pray for her family all will be well.  Pray for her healing.  Pray for S's deliverance/conversion.  Pray he will step up/be there for is wife/children.  Pray for B's conversion, healing and deliverance.  Pray for his family that the Holy Spirit will guide them on this journey.  Pray for healing for all.  Pray for the intentions for A and for the H family and their extended family.  Thanks and God Bless

Requested by: Patricia Pillion on 10/27/19
I am praying not to be so lonely.  I am praying that I will get a job soon, and have more than enough money to pay my bills.  I pray to be debt free. Mother Mary please provide me with people in my life to care about me and associate with me. I pray my children are all well and doing good.  I miss them a lot.  They are in San Diego CA and I do not have enough money to take care of myself there. Please provide for me and answer my prayers.  AMEN

Requested by: Shannon on 10/26/19
Please pray for my work and peace of mind petitions 

Requested by: Joseph on 10/24/19 Pray That My Home Life Health Will Be Blessed By The Lord That I Will Diligently Keep The Ten Commandments Practice Charity Forgiveness Love Toward My Neighbors Prayer In Schools Poor Souls In Purgatory More People Praying The Rosary  All My Priest Friends For The Holy Father That I Will Walk The Narrow Road   

Requested by: Pantelitsa. on 10/24/19 
Dear divine shrine our mother Mary please help me today.i beg and plea to you to help me to find my true love and God's will to go and stay with him...for ever.please guide me forward to life I have o my dreams of...please bring me great health and vitality and keep Me safe secure  happy in my new debt free home.where there only laughter and peace of mind harmony true love clean othodox man to share my world and marry me to a happy long life.

Requested by: Jo on 10/24/19
Please pray I get a call about a job close to home and that all of us remain in good health.  Please pray C finds two partners for her business and becomes a hugh success she is a generous person who would help those in need.  Help me to find L housing close to my home.  Bring joy and happiness into our lives

Requested by: Jenni. M. on 10/22/19
May you bless the following w/ healing and recovery: j, y, j, m, g, e , e and d may m have motivation and peace may J gain healing, peace and success in all that she does. Thanks so much. May MP always rest in peace. God Bless.

Requested by: ROB  on 10/22/19
Please pray for the Lord's protection and intercession in the lives of  R & M, and for all of the St Jude & St Mark churches prayer group, and for the Father. May they be protected against all forms of evil and any hidden evil. In the name of Jesus, Our Lady pray for us, and for mercy in the life of F, amen. Thank you!

Requested by: Reuben Pascal on 10/20/19
Mother Mary and Jesus I request for a new job at the earliest. Thanking you in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

Requested by: Everlyne Omwenga on 10/18/19
To go to Bahrain me and my brother.. H to contact me and get married in love me like before and marry me My father case to end completely and be paid their money

Requested by: Priya on 10/17/19
I am from India. I am writing for my MBA seat.Already my MBA seat was deleted by the admission officer so I asked in St.Xavier'x College.Father J,is only responsible for admissions.Please pray that he should give me admission this academic year itself and I should study there.Nobody to help me in this only God should help me in this.A sir in the college office told if somebody with high power recommends me to the college there are chances of him joining me in the college.God should make somebody talk for me to the college.Amen

Requested by: George Sylex on 10/14/19 I need a miracle very urgently because I'm suffering from a big debt. Nothing is not happening great since Two years. My job my wealth my family everything are not going well. Please pray for me for my wealth and happiness. More over let's pray for all the people who suffers problems like me.

Amen Requested by: Kevin on 10/12/19
Jesus thank you for the gift of life in the Catholic faith. I know that I will get married to C only not because of the physical desires of the flesh but to be with her with your grace & blessing in becoming one body in your union sealed with your precious blood be in the same house like the Holy Family of Nazareth with my parents live happily be blessed with normal, healthy, good looking, normal children & die peacefully after marriage with C for the gift of faith in this life.

Requested by: TJ on 10/10/19
??God, please minister healing,  peace, comfort, joy and happiness to K?s  mind, body, spirit & soul. Just one touch from You Lord to make her whole. Praying for K?s friends to reach out and invite her and include her in activities to ease her loneliness. Praying she meets a Godly like minded Christian young adult male for friendship and companionship. 

Requested by: Sathish on 10/9/19
Pray for my income and enemies.

Requested by: Briana Donohue on 10/9/19 
To find good Catholic friend

Requested by: Brother Alexander Chung, MIC on 10/9/19 
That many more people consecrate themselves to the Blessed Virgin Mary and that all who are consecrated to Mother Mary be eternally saved, and become Jesus? perpetual and unfailing light, so that Satan be rebuked from the face of the earth.

Requested by: Angela lukavsky  on 10/9/19
Continual prayers for a miracle, protection from heavier doses of chemo, good news, and to uplift my son in law's mood and health.... J is fighting brain cancer tumor. He is a husband and has four small children. J is 37 years old and has just found out that his mom has stage 3 ovarian cancer.

Requested by: Tara brooke ficklen on 10/8/19
Sisters i ask that you please pray that i am forgiven for any sins that thr lord feels i need punishment for and the return of my fertile womb.. that my womb his miraclous healed so that i may once bare children agian... May this curse bw lifted from me. 

Requested by: Maureen  on 10/7/19
Please pray for a cure for my illness 

Requested by: Mary SheebaRam on 10/7/19
Please pray for my mum good health and long life doctor told to do surgery, without operation mum should get cure if mother Mary is alive truly mother Mary will do miracle.

Requested by: ann Fath on 10/6/19
pray for my family will have a safe and good night and good night sleep. pray for my marriage and family prayfor A.F and family can  lose weight,exercise and eat healthy .pray for babysitting,cleaning goes well. pray for R, M and all the sick. pray for Fr. D and all the who have died. pray for T conversion. pray for A listens and behaves and for teacher and school pray for L and S marriage and family  pray for T and A marriage and family pray for M and N marriage and family pray for R and K Pray for R conversion,health,grades,jobs,finds good spouse and does well in college.

Requested by: Andrea on 10/4/19
Please heal my relationship with my fiance. We had a fight wed. Please heal his heart and bring him back to me. I love him and miss him very very much. In your loving name , i humbly pray. Amen. 

Requested by: jassi Jassi on 10/3/19
Please pray for me, mother help me please save me, mother u know everything about me, mother u know since years after my marriage I became very alone mother due to my marriage issue living far from my parents and entire fMily, and due to husbands sadisn and typical behaviour living far of my friends . Mother I be a red everything quietly since years but now I I am unable to bear mother I lost my patience mother I have no one to talk no one invite us to home no occasion no celebration mother I can't keep in words how much depressed I am,mother nobody understNding my pain, please have mercy mother please please help me mother , severe stress and lonrlines hurting me, mother I request but to please do miracle for me now mother from 1 year I am under medication due to arthritis I have nonpeace mother I am feeling like I am lost forgot to smile mother I am trying to come out from this stress, mother I need to spend some time with my friends but I don't found a wY to meet them, mother u please show me a wY now to fulfill my wish mother I need to sought out misunderstanding with my friends please please mother I beg you please hear my cry now mother and release me from this stress mother have mercy on your child mother please please help me mother, mother please let my husband understand my pain my loneliness mother please make him understand what bothering me how kuch loneliness I am bearing since years, mother pl7talk to my husband now please please let him change his opinion mother let him plan for a trip with friends so that we can have nice time with them. Mother i desperately need my friends to share my feelings mother since years mother I am very sad worried and depressed, mother please I beg you mother please bless. Me with peace and happiness, mother atleast now help me mother. Please understand my pain mother  every moment I am feeling distressed please get me out of this stress now mother and please bless me with good health peace and happiness forever mother amen. 

Requested by: antonella on 9/30/19
Mother of God, Mary of Nazareth, I invoke you in these moments of physical, moral and spiritual suffering, I invoke you as a liberator like the One who crushes the head of Satan; I pray you come quickly to our help, obtain from Jesus the graces we implore and that You Mother cannot refuse us, because Your Power is of Queen of all and you are Queen in the Heart of the SS. Trinity; You can do everything. Mother we can no longer go on, we are at the end of our strength, I beg you not to leave us like this, I don't need to add words because you see and know everything. Mother, thanks for all that you will give us.

Requested by: PATRICIA on 9/30/19
Please pray for immediate help with our finances so we don't lose our home and utilities. Things go well then stall and we are back to bad situation. Please pray for immediate work to come in so we can get caught up and stay caught up.

Requested by: Nithyanand on 9/29/19
I request for me and my wife and my sons and my house , to enjoy Luck,  Success and Growth in all areas of our life, blessed with job and business at the earliest, Boosting our efforts,  score the highest mark in the exams and remove all forms of adversities far from me and my family  and my house, cure all our health problems, receive salary and funding regularly ,  and Purifying our life and bless us with a long, happy, healthy, wealthy, active, Secure , successful  life and bright future and  Earning more money throughout our life for a better life. I want to move ahead toward a better future, where my loved ones are happy, and so am I, Where I have the means to help the unfortunate.  I am facing ;ot of issues in my work and career . Kindly bless us and resolve all our issues. 

Requested by: Prassanna on 9/29/19 
There is no sharing of the communication or any other matter.I am very lonely women.I  am 60;year exploited she was  an earning machine and a maid when she looses her health and money looking after the needs of the family and after all responsibility fulfilled the husband takes the children on their side and parents all and comment what you have done for the  family we were not looked after as you were busy with your career,even if she without a penny all her finance has been used by family..This is a Christian family going to Church and in society no body is aware...discord exists and the woman Prassanna is lonely.I spent time in prayer but I face lot of hatred and allegations

Requested by: Alice on 9/28/19
Since last 2 years i am geeting diffcult to get pregnant. Plz pray for me to conceive soon.

Requested by: Fidelis on 9/28/19
Oh Lord God please make me a CEO of my own company and grant me financial breakthroughs in the Name of Jesus Christ I pray amen.  

Requested by: Jeff on 9/25/19
Please pray for healing for my friend Whitney to cure her lupus.

Requested by: Chrystal on 9/22/19
Please pray for my marriage restoration .My husband and I are living separately for 4 years .i have tried to bring him back in my life but due to misunderstandings and egos he is not ready .We don?t communicate at all .I love my husband so much .Our marriage is on a verge of a breaking . My Husband has started divorce paperwork and I don?t want it .My request is for the miracle of marriage restoration and that God will soften his heart to reconcile this marriage and not go through with divorce. For God nothing is impossible so please pray for my husband so that Jesus touches his heart . I am badly shattered and broken .please pray for me thank you .

Requested by: The Trinity  on 9/22/19
Perpetually Enroll me fully.   LOVE

Requested by: PREETHESH DSOUZA on 9/20/19
I had posted my prayer intentions regarding my mothers breathing problem . Praise god now she is doing fine . Thank you all for your prayers . God bless you all.

Requested by: ald on 9/18/19
Dear Mother, please help my son to come back to Jesus. Take care about him and love him. Save him.

Requested by: Renee on 9/18/19
Please pray for my son and his wife to work out their marriage problems.  They are in crisis right now and have an 8 month old daughter. My beautiful daughter in law left my son and took their baby.  She has been having dreams of harming herself. Please pray they work things out and they get the mental health help they need in Jesus name I pray. Thank you

Requested by: Megan  on 9/18/19
Mother Mary, pray for my daughter and I.  You know the nature of my request and the urgency of my need.  Notre Dame, pray for us.  

Requested by: Simmi.J. Joseph on 9/17/19
Dear mother mary have mercy on me a poor sinner please pray for me and my family s protection from all sorts of evils dangers diseases and accidents. Guard and guide us in the right path. To have peace in our lives

Requested by: Jennifer Gohar on 9/17/19
please pray for my peace of mind and m trip to Pakistan comes fast so i can meet bunny please this time he gets Approved for his Visa and he comes to the Usa Please he gets his Visa so we can live as 1 family

Requested by: Leah Buonauto  on 9/17/19
Please, God, don't take my little V away from me. I don't want to live without her. I beg you to let me be with her again very soon. Don't let her forget about me or stop loving me.

Requested by: David on 9/16/19
Dear Mother, Please pray for me as I urgently needed new and suitable job for myself.   Pray for my financial as I badly in financial crisis. May I will be free from financial difficulties and problems. Free from debts.

Requested by: EUGENE KELLEHER on 9/16/19
Please pray for the protection of Sarah and Clark.  Please pray that their rights are protected on Monday and afterwards. Please pray they are protected against the evil they are confronting. Please pray that Greg is inspired and David is blessed with wisdom.  Thank you,

Requested by: Prayer Seeker on 9/16/19
Praying that my neighbor ceases trying to bait and engage me by giving intimidating stares.

Requested by: Pooja on 9/13/19
Please pray for me my husband n my son.  My brother in law n his wife r troubling us even coming to beat us.   Please pray for our safety, peace of mind, good health n prosperity .

Requested by: Gladis lawrence on 9/12/19
Please pray for Richards conversion of heart. Let the merciful Lord forgive him and touch his heart and bring him back to the Lord. 

Requested by: Paul Jose  on 9/12/19
Please pray -for me Paul, my wife D and son J to be cleansed and protected by the precious blood of Jesus and to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to have fruits, gifts and charisms of the Holy Spirit.  - for me and my wife to get high IELTS score and to get PR in Canada.- for me and my wife that we read, meditate, learn, memorise and live the Word of God daily.-that we love Jesus more and more so that we spend more time in adoration and prayer.-that we get inner healing. -that my neurofibrosis get cured and my left leg become strong. -for my wife's skin allergies to get cured.  -that my wife conceive a second child soon. -for my sis in law D to get healed from back pain and other illnesses. -for my mother in law D to get cured from her dlsc problem, walking difficulty and other illnesses. -for me and my wife that we forgive everyone and live in peace -for our parents, sisters, niece and nephews to be filled with the Holy Spirit.-for all my works to be fruitful.

Requested by: Vincent on 9/11/19
Pray for my daughter to get a permanent job in Australia as early as possible

Requested by: Ranjit Joseph on 9/10/19
Prayer Intentions: 1. IELTS Exam on Oct 26th 2019 for attaining an overall Band score 9 (L-8 / R-7/W-7/S-7) in the name of almighty. 2. In the name of Lord Jesus and through Mother Mary ?to eradicate all the hindrances for a smooth PR procedures (Police Verification/Medical etc.)3. To the wish of Lord, for getting a desirable job as well as comfortable family accommodations+ children?s schooling.4. Children to fill with the Holy Spirit and obtain Holy wisdom in order to achieve success in their studies and to help them choose their own careers in the name of Lord Almighty.5. And also, to clear off all our debts in the name of Lord.

Requested by: Andy on 9/10/19
Please pray: -that my sister in law?s breast cancer will be treatable and removed  -that my mother?s metastatic breast cancer will remain in remission and not show up in other spots -that Dave and Beth K, Don T., Dave N., Betty S., and Frank S. will be healed completely May God be praised. We DO believe, Lord; help our unbelief.

Requested by: Vijay Eappen on 9/8/19
Kindly pray for me to find a good job soon and start working.

Requested by: Binju raju on 9/8/19
Please pray for to our mother to help me receive good paying job so I can support my family and my child

Requested by: Eric Osborne on 9/7/19 Please pray for my fiancee and myself was we grow in our relationship with love, trust, strength and fidelity.

Requested by: R DSOUZA  on 9/7/19
Mother, please help us to get our land and flat sold atthe earliest, so that we could repay all our loans and rejoin my husband in UAE and restart our life there and to prove to all that no matter what comes we have not lost hope and are capable of achieving in life inspite of all the hurdles we have been facing till now.Also, the teachers and students in my older son who is 9 years old's school, often take revenge on students and embarrass them in front of the entire class and sometimes infront of other class children. The teachers there even accuse parents falsely and speak ill about them infront of the students in the class, the students follow whatever behaviour or words teachers use in class and  since my son is new to the school atmosphere and the behabiour of students and teachers is something new to him as well as us, when i questioned his class teacher, she left no chance of picking on my son and embarrassing him.We are worried for our son in that school as the principal and the student counsellor only supports the teachers and my child is sided. This has deeply upset our child  and he is unwilling to go to school. Add to all these problems these days he has become less interested in studies and his favourite activities, he remains irritated,angry,confused,fearful,has become too disobedient,voilent and adamant.I just cannot express the tension am going through, its too much for me to handle all this. please mother help him to become brave and witty in facing the children in his school who often bully and take revenge. Please help us.

Requested by: Infant Sebastian on 9/5/19 
Please Pray, May God the Father be with my family members my wife and our child and may the hand of God be upon us. May Jesus Christ bless us- use us- protect us -guide us, May the grace, peace, love, mercy, blessings and unity of Jesus Christ be with us. May Jesus Christ forgive us of all our sins and heal us spiritually, physically and mentally and financially and our past. May Jesus Christ deliver us from every sin-evil-curse-bondage and set us free. May Jesus Christ reveal his plan for my Life(Sebastian) and use me according to his will. Amen, Thanks

Requested by: Laurie Reinmann on 9/5/19
Please dearest Sacred Heart of Jesus, please have mercy on me and forgive me all my sins.  Please dearest Sacred Heart of Jesus please spare me in my job at work. Please dearest Sacred Heart of Jesus, please soften all the hearts of the high level executives who are in charge of my job. Please dearest Sacred Heart of Jesus please soften all the hearts of  the high level executives and all those in charge of my job with forgiveness and pity toward me.  Please save me in my job dearest Sacred Heart of Jesus,  please dearest Sacred Heart of Jesus, please let me retain my job at my company.  Please dearest Sacred Heart of Jesus, please let me always be peacefully employed at work until I am retired or until it is time for me to go to you.  Holy Mary Mother of GOD, please pray for me to be saved in my job. St. Gregory the Great, please pray for me to be saved in my job.  St. Therese please pray for me to be saved in my job.  St. Raymond please pray for me for to be saved in my job.  All Holy Angels and Saints please pray for me to be saved in my job.  Thank you everyone for your prayers. GOD bless you.

Requested by: Mary on 9/4/19
Mother Mary please pray for my son that his blood test report s must be normal, he should be healed from his sickness and give him good health , remove all his sickness fever cold cough breathing problems vameniral infections and give him strength.amen

Requested by: Zachary on 9/4/19
Heavenly Father, I ask you in the most precious name of Jesus that you would heal me from sexual sin and immorality. Holy Spirit, convict me of my sin and fill me with your presence. Jesus Christ, pour your precious blood over my sexuality and myself. Mary, Blessed Virgin, pray for us so that I overcome these sins. St. Michael, protect me against all temptations. Father, hear my prayer. Amen.

Requested by: Tonya on 9/3/19
I want payer for my 2 young men?s my boys god touch there mind and soul with peace within  themselves  THEY ALSO HAS A ANGER PROBLEM JESUS THEY NEEDS TO RESPECT THEIR MOTHER AND GRANDMOTHER JESUS,

Requested by: Philip M on 9/2/19
Mother Mary Please intercede for my son's healing of the visual disturbances in his eyes and the residual dysplastic vessels in his brains. May the Lords divine healing and mercy be upon him Please also intercede for my daughter's healing from her shoulder pains due to a dessicated disc in he cervical spine. May the Lords divine healing and mercy be upon her  Amen

Requested by: Rinu Thomas  on 9/1/19
I have my parking test tomorrow. Mom please pray for me, I believe I will pass tomorrow. 
Requested by: Mary Ellen on 8/31/19
Request blessings on both my daughters for their right career path and perfect matches. For the good health and prosperity in the family. 

Requested by: Shaun on 8/31/19
Please pray for me to pass my exam which written on July 2019.

Requested by: EMILIO on 8/30/19
Dear Brothers and sisters In Christ Our Lord .. Please pray for my healing both Physical and spiritual.  ESPECIALLY Protection from demonic spirits
May my sleep be improved   I know that with God NOTHING is impossible ..May The Lord Lift up the Prayers and Supplications of the faithful....
Lord Have Mercy on me a sinner

Requested by: Sheryl on 8/30/19
Dear mother please pray for my brother's family you be release from the clutches of the evil powers which is disturbing tlllpeace of all the familymembers amen

+Requested by: Marian on 8/30/19
Please pray for God's protection and His blessings for Stephen, Marian, Carl, Robert and Florence.  Asking this request in the Most Holy Name of Jesus.  Thank you for praying during this time of need.  God Bless all of you.

Requested by: PRIYA on 8/29/19
I need some financial help for my family. I request you to pray for the wealth and reunion of my family

Requested by: PREETHESH on 8/28/19
Intention : Dear jesus christ through your intercessory power please bless my mother so that she can be healed from her illness . Please grant me this favour jesus christ , which I'm in need of 

Requested by: Steven on 8/28/19 I pray for a recovery from my stroke. I also ask that the hurricane turn it?s path completely and move away from me.

Requested by: troy on 8/27/19
For troy lord jesus please help please 

Requested by: RANJI on 8/26/19
I need your prayers to get blessings of Holy spirit on my fiacee Jennifer & me . We are going through very tough situation, i am living & working in Cambodia & she is living & working in Maldives .We need God,s blessings to live & work together in same place .Now we are trying to get our marriage documents to proceeds ,but recently there is a married Maldivian person in her life who is motivating her to commit adultery. Please pray to Jesus to give us blessings of Holy spirit to get out from this evil relationships which spoiling our parents hope & prayers. With lots of pains & tears i am sharing you my life sorrow, please pray that God takes Jennifer away from all extra martial affairs & God bless us to reunite for rest of life in Godly manner .I m trusting  that Jesus will touch Jennifer,s heart and make her blessed with Holy Spirit so she believe in God.Please pray for Shahid to get blessed from Jesus and go back to his own family & never commit adultery.

Requested by: Salome on 8/26/19
Mother Mary please pray for my husband to get a job and my mother to get her pension plan approved. I have lost a vey Good Friend of mine due to misunderstandings between us and just want the friendship back.

Requested by: Alexander on 8/25/19
Please pray for Alexander that the lord blesses him with maturity, understanding, discernment and to have the fear of God in this heart. That the lord open his eye, mind and hear and give him the grace to see the truth and undersand his ways. That the lord deliver him from every bondages and evil habits. Blesses his marriage and family and fill it with his love and give them the grace to love , understand and respect each other.That the lord heals his tongue and give him the grace to always speak with love and respect toward his family and also fill him with his peace and the grace to sleep well. That the lord blesses his work and give him the grace to always take the right decision .Its my humble request please pray for the lords mighty hand over him and his family. 

Requested by: Cynthya Manohar on 8/22/19
Dear Mother Mary please kindly pray for me that I should give birth to a normal and healthy baby. My child should not be a preterm/prematured baby or I should not be diagnosed with gestational diabetics. I should not have any chromosomal abnormalities or ARSA heart problem for the baby. 

Requested by: Greg Nugent on 8/22/19
I need a miracle, please pray for the salvation of my 23-year marriage, thank you so much God bless you!

Requested by: Xavier Correia on 8/21/19
Mother Mary, Please pray for Ms. Victoria, who has undergone knee replacement surgery 3 weeks ago, for Jesus to grant her complete healing and the ability to walk again. Reqeusted by: roland atienza on 8/20/19 for the miracle cure of my father from Multiple Myeloma disease. 

Requested by: Clifford on 8/20/19
Prayer for the restoration of a friendship for Clifford and Aisha, in my haste i caused pain and hurt and am seeking forgiveness and the chance to rebuild, God says to put him to the test as nothing is impossible, i feel what man cant do God can.  Renew both our minds and soften our hearts:Ezekiel 36:26 
And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh
Matthew 19v26 Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." 
Jeremiah 32v27 "I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?
Ephesians 4:32 ?And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you.?
Thank you for your prayers

Requested by: an on 8/20/19
For the people in the world

Requested by: ALPHONSA CYRIAC on 8/19/19 for my brother get a good job and for my marriage

Requested by: PJ on 8/19/19
Oh Mother, SM separated me and life is so painful for,Oh mother rekindle our love  and reunite .Fill her mind with love towards me.Amen

Requested by: bob on 8/19/19
Pray for me and my family who are going through a civil matter cause by my ex wife for the last 14 years who is very vindictive and cruel that we may be free from her hatred and bring to an end that we all have peace with our families and she gains nothing.

Requested by: Barbara mack  on 8/18/19
Be my strength stop eviction bless my money increase soon 1000 heal ankles 

Requested by: Sr. Mareena C. Elengikal on 8/17/19
Sr. Mareena accidentally fell in the bathroom. She has a head injury, her heart in unstable and there is fluid in her lungs and she cannot breathe properly. The fluid in her lungs cannot be removed unless her heart stabilizes for she can suffer a cardiac arrest. The doctors have given her two days for her heart to stabilize so that they can remove the fluid from the lungs. If her heart does not stabilize in two days, doctors have said that she won?t survive. Please keep Sr. Mareena in your prayers and also ask others to pray for her. 
Prayer for Sr. Mareena for Healing from cancer
Please continue to pray for Sr. Mareena C. Elengikal, a catholic nun. who is in imminent danger of death because of breast cancer. Please pray that the Lord our God may completely heal her.Sister Mareena has done a lot of good work in the Lord's vineyard and helped a lot of people. She ran the prayer tower at Intercessors Center, Potta, Chalakudy, Kerala. for decades and also preached at the Divine Retreat Center, Kerala, India, for decades.

Requested by: Lovely on 8/17/19 
Dear St. Mary, mother of God, pray for me please. Thank you God, my father for all the wonderful things you have planned for us. It is wonderful than I expected. I pray that I will control my anger. I am joining a new job. Bless my work place and me. Help me to do work happily and my employers and colleagues will be happy with me. Bless and guide my family. Praise the Lord. Amen.

Requested by: Tony Kerr on 8/17/19
Steve and Doris  Adam, Stefanie, Pheobe, Hayden and Petra, Mike and Yvonne, Fr. Larry  Mental Peace.  Financial Responsibility.    Living and Deceased members of the O'Keefe/Kerr families.

Requested by: Amanda on 8/17/19
A month ago my ex-boyfriend of 6 years, Miguel ( we are both 26 and had planned to marry eachother)  told me he was seeing someone, after divulging that information to me he tried to kiss me I did not let him . A week later I asked him about the kiss and told him it made me confused about the situation he told me he wanted to kiss me but it was wrong and that is all that he would tell me.  I  still deeply love this man  and know that if we had a second chance at a relationship it would be christlike and permanent. I ask for the patience to wait for my ex  and the strength to improve myselfd the persistence to continue praying for our restored relationship  in the meantime I do humbly request that my ex-boyfriendremember me on my birthday 

Requested by: A. witte on 8/16/19
I ask for prayers for my daughter, who is struggling socially . Give her the confidence she needs to open herself up to new people & experiences. Help her to be strong, maintain her faith in herself & God, & feel our love & support. We want her to be happy & free from burdens. I also ask for prayers for my husband, who is looking for a job. May he land a position he loves & feels fulfilled by. 

Requested by: laxmi chhabra on 8/16/19
Pls pray for my laxmi whos is admitted in hospital from 3 months that she breathes normally her heart rate and oxygen and respiratory rate is normal.Pray that her brain and central nervous system is healed by gods grace she walks and sits on her own.pls pray that she eats and drinks though her mouth and her food pipe is removed ....and she starts talking normally...pls pray my mom gets her discharge and we treat her at home home. And that god gives us and doctors a way out to treat my mother and show us a path to find finances

Requested by: seema joseph on 8/15/19
please heal my son's speech delay, intellectual issues and give us enough health and  money to take care of him....

Requested by: Joanne Cianciulli on 8/15/19
peace, health and family reunion

Requested by: S. Munoz on 8/15/19
Please pray that Albert?s cancer has not spread and that it can be treated so he can live a healthy life.

Requested by: Funmilayo Anne Aransiola  on 8/14/19
Successful surgery on August 26th 2019 at the Ikeja General hospital in Lagos Nigeria Quick recovery Financial assistance to cover surgery and financial assistance tl facilitate buying medicine and  necessary needs in Jesus mighty name. Amen. 

Requested by: Michael Austine Anscur on 8/14/19
Praise the lord, I am working in with my family.  I am from tamilnadu,vallioor.  Please pray for me to get chief accountant job, or balancesheet independent job accountant,in dubai.  please pray for  me to buy a house in tamilnadu.  I don't have house in my hometown.please pray for me.

Requested by: John Ferris on 8/14/19
Prayer request for my brother James that he find full time newfound lucrative employment quickly and expeditiously...In addition, I also request prayer intercession for me for more increased success in my professional and personal life and lovelife, and all aspects of my life, and for greater longevity and perpetuity in increased financial success in the American Stock Markets 

Requested by: Kate on 8/14/19
Prayers for spiritual protection for my family and especially my sister. Intercession of Mama Mary and protection of family. Family is currently under spiritual battle. 

Requested by: KC on 8/13/19
Please pray for the superintendent, board members and other supervisors of Huntsville City Schools in Alabama. They have created an unhealthy, stressful working environment and things are being done for the wrong reasons. It?s racist, people are being targeted for no good reason. It?s all about power and decisions are not being made in the best interest of the students and teachers. Working in fear. We need relief and deliverance from this type of leadership. Move this mountain of bad leadership from HCS as in Mark 11:23. Crying out because it is really bad. We need visible and speedy help! Teachers and other educators are leaving what they love despite needing a job because of the stress and fear of retaliation.  Asking for peace and protection as in Psalm 91.

Requested by: Heather Shields on 8/12/19
Please pray for my mother, Janice. She has a rare stage four neuroendocrine lung carcinoma that has spread to various organs and bones and chemo has not worked. I pray for her not to suffer. I pray for her not to fear, and I pray for her to be comforted in the Lord's love and shelter as she takes her final journey on Earth. I also pray for the strength as I help walk her up to the gates of Heaven but must wait here for a few years more until I can see her again. I am honored to be a light for her as she walks through the shadow of the Valley of Death, but I'll need strength to navigate the landscape of my life without her in it. Please also pray for that. Thank you and Amen. 

Requested by: Susan on 8/12/19
Please pray for me that I may receive Gods complete healing,  Iam desperate to feel well again and have peace of mind.    Thank you. 

Requested by: Rob  on 8/12/19
Please continue to keep my intentions in prayer and elevate them to the wisdom, protection, intercession and love of God in the lifes of my dear Emily Parks, and Father Richard. I ask according to the will of God and the gracious piety of the Lord, Our Lady pray for us, Saint Joseph pray for us, Amen.

Requested by: Matthew on 8/11/19
My parish is struggling to grow and needs financial help.

Requested by: alexandra on 8/11/19
please  pray  for  me to  be  found  not guilty  at  the  trial

Requested by: Tabitha John on 8/10/19
Pray for my grandma's soul rest in peace  Please pray for my dad have fear of dialysis so please pray he will get better life after doing this and he feel better so please pray for dads better health and better life n god will stop his dialysis forever n doctor treat him only with medicine n dad feel better and live long life with better health n no tension.  Pray for my mom's healthy life n stability to her anger  Pray for my husband's health n promotion n his conversion into Christianity
Also pray for my house compensation in dis year and lot of problem with my new house society member is troubling us each n every stage so plz pray for that n let us complete our work properly n blessed house with love n care without any tension

Requ4ested by: sonia minhas on 8/9/19
my job should be secured have got lot of thorns around me who want me to be thrown out cyrus,jimmy and susheela am 58years old widow and no savings only debts my health should remain good with no illness specially my eyes,ears and teeth my boss naresh kotak should be so happy with my work that he should not listen to anyone

Requested by: Diane Kliethermes on 8/8/19
Please Blessed Mother, my son's needs our prayers after four months he is beginning to talk to a girl he broke up with - for many reasons,  he has to stay away from her.   Please Blessed Mother pray for him.  hank you for your prayers.   

Requested by: Tammy on 8/6/19
Pray I'm no longer be abused homeless and job less or falsely acused of things l didn't do .I'm a domestic violence savior I ask in Jesus name

Requested by: Davis on 8/5/19
To get the grace of Love of GOD 

Requested by: antonella on 8/5/19
Please help my mother, getting her the health of the body but also that of the soul, I am very worried. Jesus, Mary, intervene early and heal me and my dear friend A ..  For all of us, for our families I ask for the forgiveness of sins and holy humility. Virgin Mary, I entrust all of us to your Mother's heart, our problems and our needs, obtain for all, innumerable graces and above all those we implore and which we desire with all our heart and abundant blessings from Heaven. Holy Trinity, thank you for all the gifts you have given us, please bring my grandparents and my father to Heaven. Thank you.

Requested by: Patricia Pillion on 8/3/19
Praying for things to turn around for Christopher and have him be protected against evil, and lying. Praying for him to be enriched and have positive experiences. Christopher is really trying hard to make his life work. He has not had any positive role models.  Praying that someone will be a great role model for him. Praying that we can get his car fixed.  He lost the key, and we just had the car towed to his grandmothers.  His parents have passed on. Christopher is 27.  I pray he is able to turn his life around an start accomplishing positive things. We need to get an ignition and key for the car. Also someone to match the code of the car to the key so it will start. Chris thought he could start the car if he took the ignition out of the car.  Praying for some miracles of good to happen in Christophers life.  AMEN

Requested by: Lydiamaryjosphine on 8/2/19   
I want prayers  for my husband he must change his heart not to drink and smoke and he must think only his wife Lydia