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Requested by: Antony John on 7/10/19
Mother Mary please be kind towards me, i am getting serious problems in my job. Please kindly pray to Jesus to escape from my problem. Please pray for my good life. 

Requested by: Ashi on 7/10/19
Merciful virgin mother Mary please do pray for my entire family to always seek God's kingdom first and never to cease taking fasting and reciting rosary every night,bless my elder brother with a decent job and good god fearing wife,he is joblesss always sick and frustrated,my parents are totally helpless to finance him or buy him a job in this corrupted and bribery world,i pray for his girlfriend and my whom I like her very much but may be she is not interested in me but still I always remember them in prayer,bless my little sister and my old aged parents and grandparents,protect my land from the evil clutches of my state government hidden agendas.Bless especially the poor,sick and the needy feed them shelter and food,may I continue to grew in faith and wisdom more everyday,may my prayer and dreams turn in miracles,ave maria amen.

Requested by: Beate on 7/9/19
Holy Mother Mary, Holy Father,  Jesus and all Saints thanks for everything you have done for me and my family and for all the experiences you let me go through. I know this has only made me stronger in my life and my faith. Bless you. I am turning to you today to seem your  urgent support to get enough money to support my family. Please bless me with financial and personal success, and bless me and my family with great health. Let my whole family be blessed from now on with luck, success, great health and financial success.  Please urgently help me to get some income and earnings with my newly established company so that i have sufficient money to pay for the school of my son and to live here. For my consultancy work please let me get orders. Let me have the necessary money, great income and interesting work to keep and even increase my standards of living, and let my whole family be happy, lucky and healthy. I put my deepest trust in you. Amen 

Requested by: Veronica M Rivera on 7/8/19
Please pray for my husband who is battling addiction. Please pray that he is moved by the Holy Spirit. That his heart may be filled with love and faith in our heavenly Father and our Saviour Jesus Christ. Please pray that he is released from his addiction. That he too may feel the great honor and joy that it is to know, love , and serve our Lord. That he too may glorify He who is most High and may he be filled with peace and feel the love and mercy of the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. For the sake of the sorrowful passion that Jesus endured for the salvation of all souls I pray. May the will of God be done . Amen. 

Requested by: LAVINA lewis on 7/8/19 Dear st dympna please HEAL my bra8m from adhd and thank u for making me realise 8 love and intercede my brains grasp the knowledge which I will need to do for the will of Jesus. You and Mother Mary have always stood by me guide me to go to USA w8th all my cats if it's Jesus will .how will I get pr. Citizenship a job and the land of free and home of the brave help me 5o become a small American tv actress do landscape and fashion design contribute to Mega. Protect and guide Donald Trump and unbrainshwashed all who are against him. Please help me get a job where I can reach USA I'm 30 yrs help me please

Requested by: Sr. Mareena C. Elengikal on 7/8/19
Please pray for me, a catholic nun. who is in imminent danger of death because of breast cancer. Please pray that she may be completely healed.
I ran the Prayer Tower at Intercessors Center, Potta, Chalakudy, Kerala. for decades and also preached at the Divine Retreat Center, Kerala, India, for decades.

Requested by: ann romig on 7/7/19
Stan b. remove cancer from lungs, return to good ealth.  tom cancer free, arteries free of plaque, healthy eyes, no disease, good hearing, tautra and Joel healthy good leear path to good jobs  $  jim marene brian reiger

Requested by: Joseph on 7/4/19
Pray That I Will Remain In The Friendship Of The Lord Diligently Keep The Ten Commandments Avoid The Seven Deadly Sins Prevail Over The World The Flesh The Devil More  People Praying The Rosary Prayer In Schools Poor Souls in Purgatory That I Will Practice Charity Forgiveness Love Toward My Neighbors  Everyone Who I  Meet  In Church And In My EveryDay Life  That Difficult Stubborn  Rebellious Persons I Come Into Contact With Will  Be Blessed Converted Renewed  By The Lord 

Requested by: mary on 7/3/19
Please pray for John, Lord to fill him with Holy Spirit, give him salvation. Heal from anxiety,depression,revenge,unforgiveness.evil bindings of sin,lust,laziness,phobias,communication and behavioral problems,addiction to medias,smoke,and alcohol, and to give him happiness,peace,joy,harmony,gentleness,love,and patience,Lord,he  is jobless for long time now. Please give him a suitable job without delay. Give him God-fearing faithful friends, prepare a God-fearing Catholic girl and family for him and let them get married in Your time. Bless their next 7 generations to get salvation. Thanks

Requested by: shiny on 7/2/19
I have USA  visa interview on 5th JULY Friday at 7.15 am please pray for me to get  visa  

Requested by: Anthony  on 7/2/19
Pray as others are for a miracle for our foster child. My wife and I have fostered her since she was five weeks now over a year.  Our plan is to adopt this gift from God.  The judge just this week authorized transfer to someone who has a domestic violence charge.  Evil is at play and please help with all your prayers that  these evil plans are stopped before any move.  Any attorneys that can assist with an appeal would be a God send.  Thank you

Requested by: C S on 6/30/19

Dear Mother Mary, Please kindly intercede on my behalf to the Lord Jesus for His Divine intervention and assistance to make my absentee father turn from his wicked and unloving ways. For my father to make amends to reconcile with me and make restitution of the maintenance monies for living,health and educational expenses that he has withheld from me all these years.  Please make my father yearn to make up for all the lost years and be a good and kind father. Instill in his heart godly fear, values and obedience to God's word and will.Please help him  find me.  Thank you.  Your sad daughter.

Requested by: Mercy on 6/28/19

Dear Mother, Thank you for the love and blessing you have given for us. You are the mother to all of us. Thank you for the family and children you have given me. Thank you for the parents, brothers and sisters you have given me. I keep my intention prayer specially for my brother who is taking about himalaya mountain. Please change his mind to get married and live with my old loving parents to take care of them. Give them strength and good health maa. I pray for my son who is very indiscipline not obeying anyone, very stubborn  and very arrogant in this small age. Please change his mind to be polite and loveable child to everyone. I pray for my daughter studying in Iplus 2 to concentrate her studies and guide her to go in a right path. I pray for my husband to get transfer in the local place which he mentioned in his application form. Wholly I pray for my family to get good health and strength and love and peace in the family. Thank you maa.

Requested by: Christine M Fernandes on 6/27/19
Thanks for your reply.we are financially low so I request you to pray for Silroy Fernandes to receive (1) HIGHEST BONUS equivalent to Indira dlima e baretto and Navratan Singh in this month by Vincent Ramos Ralin Cunha Gomes Prabhat Verma Corporate Office Taj Mumbai Corporate Office Taj Bangalore.(2) PROMOTION to designation of DIRECTOR of HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT of TAJ BENAULIM or DIRECTOR of HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT of TAJ MALDIVES in the month of July to October 2019 to be granted by Vincent Ramos Ralin Cunha Gomes Prabhat Verma all areas of Corporate Office Taj.(3) HIGHEST INCREMENT to receive equivalent to Indira dlima e baretto and Navratan Singh in the month of July to August I Christine Fernandes humbly request you through fasting praying supplication intercession plea for my husband to receive the blessings and peace and grace from mighty hands of Jesus Christ mother Mary Saint Joseph holy spirit and intercession of angels and saints.

Requested by: Monica on 6/26/19
Please pray for the community and visitors of Lasalette Shrine in Attleboro, Massachusetts.

Requested by: Mary Regina on 6/24/19
My mother, Mary Regina (aged 58) was operated for 2nd stage breast cancer on 17th June 2019. Her one of the breast is removed. The lump is now sent for lab work. I strongly pray that the lump should not be an aggressive cancer lump. I believe in Lord Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Holy Spirit and all the angels and saints. With their intercession, I request your powerful prayers for my Mother whom I love the most in the world that she be cured completely from cancer and live a long and healthy life. Please pray for my Mother.  Many Thanks

Requested by: PJ on 6/23/19
Oh Mother Mary, Thanking you mother for all blessing and favors received from you.Praying painfully to to unite me and SM ,drive away all the problems and barriers in relationship between me and SM that keeps us separate . Bless her to forgive me and love me passionately as her husband .Praying you to intervene and remove hurdles and problems in our relationship. .Praying mother to to bless us to accept each other as husband and wife and bless SM to take care of me whole through our life.Oh mother Mary, praying you mother painfully fill our mind with love and care for each other .Oh mother praying to remove all doubts and hesitation in our mind and bless us to love unconditionally as husband and wife.Requesting Mother to mercy on us and and forgive our sins.Trusting in your holy power mother and your love towards those who are suffering and paining . Oh mother! save our relationship from breaking up and bless us to love each other more deeply.Oh mother of Lord,praying to bless me and SM to forgive and forget all pain n hurt made by each other and start to love each more passionately day by day and live as husband and wife till last breath.Requesting Mother to accept my prayer and miraculous intervention ,live in the hope of your blessing .

Amen Requested by: Stacey Lyons on 6/23/19
I am requesting prayers for Warren that he receives a Miracle of God in his life, longevity and health. I know God's will is healing Warren and that warren will be a walking, living example of the healing miracles of God & Jesus. That Warren is blessed with a long, healthy happy life and is fully restored and resurrected in full health and fulfill God's destiny & will for Warren and that God's will always prevails in his life. And that Warren's life is a reflection of God's love for him. In Jesus Name AMEN

Requested by:  Cole  on 6/23/19
Please my mother, ask your son to bless sage and I with a chance to move to Texas and start our family roots there. Please make yourself present in sage?s life and help open her eyes to the catholic faith. Please help and watch over her family and bless them with your graces my mother. Please help them with their struggles and please help them come to Texas with us. Amen. 

Requested by: Alice Menezes on 6/20/19

I am trying to get pregnant for last one year but i am not geeting it. please pray for me to get pregnant.

Requested by: Infant Sebastian on 6/18/19

May God the Father be with my family members, Anthony, Theresa, Maria, Sebastian and my wife Jennifer and our child Aaiden and may the hand of God be upon us. May Jesus Christ bless us- use us- protect us -guide us, May the grace, peace, love, mercy, blessings and unity of Jesus Christ be with us. May Jesus Christ forgive us of all our sins and heal us spiritually, physically and mentally and financially and our past. May Jesus Christ deliver us from every sin-evil-curse-bondage and set us free. May Jesus Christ reveal his plan for my Life(Sebastian) and use me according to his will. Amen.

Requested by: Shalene on 6/17/19

Please remove any blockages standing in the way of me and my spouse having a baby. Please bless us with our own child. I want to be a mother to a child that is mine.  Thank you-

Requested by: Maricela Huidor-Figueroa on 6/16/19

Please pray for my brother to find employment and return to the Catholic Faith, Robert to convert to the Catholic Faith and stop drinking, and my neighbor Raul  who is battling cancer. Thank you.  

Requested by: COLLEEN lawrence DANIELS on 6/12/19

Dear National Shrine of Mary mother  Please pray for a healing for Colleen lawrence daniels eyes and bladder i come to god in total faith knowledge that he can make the impossible possible  God bless colleen

Requested by: S. Munoz on 6/12/19

Please pray that Al?s biopsy results come back negative for prostate cancer.

Requested by: Boniya on 6/11/19 

I am   suffering stomach disorders ,body  pain and depression .Please  pray for me to heal my body and mind.

Requested by: Revathy on 6/10/19

Our son should clear his arrears soon and he should settle peaceful. Myself and my husband should always live body is there for me in the world except my husband and son .

Requested by: annette fath on 6/10/19 

pray for my family will have a safe and good night and good night sleep. pray for my marriage and family.pray for health of Joe and Finley and all who are sick. pray for Frank and Brian and all who died.  Babysitting and cleaning goes well. pray for Liz and Scott marriage and family. pray for Tom and Alysha marriage and family. pray for Mary and Nate marriage and family . pray for Ryan and Kylie.Pray for Ryan conversion,health,grades,jobs,finds good spouse and does well in college. A.F and family will exercise,eat healthy and lose weight. Pray for special intention. pray for G.F 

Requested by: Brother Alex Chung, MIC on 6/10/19

1. Through Gods Love and Mercy and Our Lady of Fatima, that Mary's Immaculate Heart triumph now and that the Holy Spirit bring about a New Pentecost and fall upon the Church and world now, so that the Church and all peoples be graced with unfailing perseverance, fortitude, peace, joy, love, obedience to Gods Commands, purity, faith, trust, hope, and charity, so no darkness remains. 2. Through the Triune God and the Holy Family and by the power of Jesus Cross and Most Precious Blood, that all the Guardian Angels and all the other Holy Angels and Saints visit all the dying, all the souls in purgatory, and all peoples, to grace them with powerful graces, so all the souls in purgatory are brought out quicker and that no soul be lost. 

Requested by: Fidelis Chikelu on 6/9/19

Dear man of God, Kindly pray for me for -: a better work schedule @ my job ( 3rd shift ), what?s due for me be given me, restore my seized land properties, my wife and daughters love, God?s mercy and guidance, total protection, victory, Journey mercy and no accidents, good luck ?, breakthroughs, Money miracles and financial breakthroughs, peace in my life and family...with my children and wife, Etc etc ....1.  Forgiveness  of my sins. 2.  For mercy of God and my Redemption 3. For God?s guidance, favors from my boss , protection and victory over all my enemies 4.  For my deliverance and good health 5.  For God?s blessings and breakthroughs 6.  For the fulfillment of God?s prophetic financial promises He made to me years ago in CPM to be fulfilled now in the name of Jesus Christ I pray amen ?.  I  agree with you in this prayer ? request agreement prayer ? ? ? ? .

Requested by: Nicole L Henneman on 6/8/19

Please pray for the protection of the lives and safety of me, Noel and Ronin. Please protect our family, our togetherness, our safety, our abundance, our creative work, our health and our home. Please cure my diseased thyroid, obesity and lung condition. Please protect my son, Ronin, from all harm. Please destroy our enemies and their plots and plans. Please protect me, Noel and Ronin from all harm, greed and evil. Amen.

Requested by: Sj on 6/7/19
Please pray for me that I should be FREE FROM VACATION  DUTY WHICH AUTHOROTIES PLANING FOR. Relieve me from all vacation  duty which authorities  are planing  for NO NEED OF TRANSFER IN MY JOB( each 3 year there may transfer. NOw it is nearby to m house and I DONT WANT A TRANSFER)  till my retirement only 5 years. I am so tired And I can't travel much Financial breakthrough needed urgently to meet all loans and still bills
Please pray for my child who is only 14 and I am 50.Please pray for his future and studies. S

Requested by: Mathew on 6/6/19

Mother Mary   My son has visual disturbances in his eyes due to an optical nerve problem. Please intercede with Jesus for my son's healing. Pray also that our Lord Jesus will use my son for his glory  

Requested by: Stephen L on 6/6/19

Mother Mary, Please help me with my job. My boss is being so difficult and mean spirited toward me and I am afraid of what may come next. Please help me to know what to do or how to deal with this. Any help you send to me is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help in my time of need. Amen.

Requested by: Lenoy on 6/4/19

I am in need of prayers as my life please prayer for peace in my family & life and get every thing resolved with the grace of Almighty

Requested by: Rachel on 6/3/19

Please pray for the safe return home of our 15 year old cat Wayne. He went out to the backyard like usual and hasn't come home for a whole day. We are desperate and sick. He is a beloved member of our family. Please pray for Wayne to return home safe and sound as soon as possible. Please pray for a miracle, for our sorrow to turn into joy!

Requested by: Renae on 6/2/19

For my long distance boyfriend Broc, struggling and suffering from major depression and anxiety. Recently it has caused me to become helpless and depressed too. His lack of energy not wanting to communicate has taken a huge toll on our relationship as well.

Requested by: joan hagley on 6/2/19

please pray for Alma she will be having surgery of the brain tomorrow that by God's grace it will go well thank you God bless.

Requested by: Magdalena Lovejoy on 6/2/19

please pray that i am healed of all unhealed wounds from a stalker, from abandonment from my mother, abortion and and alcoholism, and please heal my brain of all diseases like Lou Gerigs and Alzheimer's disease and stop the cancer, and please activate my DNA to heal my soul so I continue my soul healing journey with Jesus.

Requested by: Ivan Guzman-Vital on 5/31/19

Dear Heavenly Father, Father Son and the Holy Spirit, please help me, Ivan Guzman-Vital, and my  family members to get along well.  Help us Dear Lord, God Almighty, to truly love each other, respect each others decisions and lives, and serve and help each other through tough times.  We ask this in the Holy Name of Jesus.  Amen.  Thank you.  Ivan

Requested by: SRR on 5/27/19

Greetings in the name of the mother of god. All thanks praises, glory and honour to thee. please pray fro Keo for a job. Thy prayers that he will get positive answers for the interview he went for today. holy mother remove all obstacles, curses, hindrances and bondages from his way. your supernatural manifestation upon the company eh went for the interview. Thy holy hands upon all the documents he submitted. Touch the hearts and minds of the people handling the interview. Thy mighty prayers he will get a response soon. holy mother hear our prayers, as this child is in need of  job. holy mother opened the this door for him and you will never fail him. We trusting you for positive and speedy answers. All thanks to thee. amen

Requested by: Swarna sudha  on 5/27/19

Mother mary please pray for my dad. Heal my dad from the dreaded cancer which has spread n damaged his gallbladder liver n lungs. Mother he is a great devotee of you. He is so good kind generous and caring he had never harmed anyone in his life.let him not suffer with this cancer. Please show your mercy on my dad. Please do miracle in his life touch him n heal him mother. We shall praise your name n glorify Jesus Christ throughout our life. Amen Please have mercy and have miracle in my dad's life.

Requested by: alexandra badea on 5/27/19

please  pray  for  me  to be  found  not  guilty  at  the  trial

Requested by: Lourdes on 5/29/19

Pls pray(1)for suitable life partner for me(2)for a job for my brother, who does not have job for many years(3)good health for my mother,uncle, brother and myself(4)for peace, understanding, and harmony among family members, and support and be responsible to one another including uncles, aunties, cousins and their spouses (5)that we may get possession of our house(6)for soul of my dad,mai,papa, grandma and grandpa(7) peaceful sharing of property(8)Pls pray for my brother who is hearing sounds which prevents him from getting good sleep and doing his daily activities and getting a job. Pls also pray for life partner for him.Thanks 

Requested by: EDDIE  on 5/29/19

I have a pre trial on June 12 please pray charges get dropped haven?t hurt anyone was just dumb 

Requested by: ann romig on 5/30/19 

Thank you for answering our frequent prayers for Tommy cancer free, plaque-free and glaucoma free with healed eyes.  Brian got a job and will be hired for the better one at the census.  thank you for tutra is breast clear and free of any problems, tautra getting better with her tbi and all problems from the accident.  will get some real money for her terrible accient.  joel i know a job is on her path to good health and happiness with a great job and love.  tauras needs a good roof fix and new roof chearp.  jim need ove and balance.  thank you.  give us a safe trip to AZ  keep us , tom, marene, joel, tautra brian reiger, healthy, happy, stress free, protection, prosperity so we can help others.  

Requested by: Roma on 5/31/19

Please pray that the tablets that have been prescribed for me today will heal my pain and discomfort completely and not needed to take further treatment please. 

Requested by: Rahul on 5/31/19

Mother Mary please blessed my marriage with sneha. Blessed sneha mind about marriage filled love between us and we live together forever with happiness.

Requested by: Pam on 5/23/19

Blessed Mother Mary, Thank you for being a mother to us all. I offer my gratitude and thanks to God the Father through your son, Jesus, our Lord for the many mercies and blessings he has showered on us. I offer and ask prayers for the holy souls in Purgatory, especially those who have no one to pray for them, for an increase in holy priests and religious to serve God, for the protection of all the unborn children, and for the intentions of your Immaculate Heart and of our holy Father, Pope Francis. I pray that my daughter returns to the Church and that her children are baptized in the faith. I pray that the Holy Sprit guide me to always do the will of the Father with love and to accept sacrifices with joy. Thank you , my Mother.

Requested by: Hilda on 5/23/19 

Kindly pray for father Mr.Ambrose aged 74 years,having extra marital affairs and squandering his money in loose living not even supporting the family.poor mother  for the past 40 years struggling from constant physical torture,mental depression and trauma.children are settled and no body stays with them. It is very heart-aching to see even at this prime age my mother suffers body can console nor comfort her.As she is so sickly I need you fervent prayers upon my family for God's healing,deliverance and blessing.We as a family sincerely need your prayers...

Requested by: Ratan on 5/21/19

Mother Mary you are mercy full you are a mother of God I request you I beg in front of u I fall on you feet mother mary please heal my relationship restore my relationship my beloved one is left me ignoring me she totally forgot about our love we love each other we had a plan to marry in future but she left me and said its impossible now but it's possible by you mother mary am your son mother feel my pain please touch her heart and make her to love me once again make her to realize our love tell her to talk wit me I want to live with her happily please she said she have someone but I know it's wrong news please Mother Mary mercy on me please her name is ankita... 

Requested by: jmb on 5/21/19

Holy Mother of the Church and of God, please watch over us and Your Church, as we weather some very difficult times.  Help instill in us your undying faith that we may honor your Son and be the Christians that we should.  Please pray for us as evil presents itself in many forms.  Help us to rebuke the evil ways and be the kind, loving people we were created to be.  Please watch over our family, our friends and grant us all the grace we need to carry out your will.  We ask this through your Son, Jesus Christ!  Amen!

Requested by: Anmol Sarah Mathew on 5/19/19

Pray my project is accepted and I complete my Engineering degree in May .All hurdles be cleared and delay be removed.Teachers cooperation and all team oneness Jesus Mary Holy Spirit please perform miracle.My career be successful 

Requested by: Gervasio Pereira on 5/18/19

Pls pray for my Mum is not well and she is in the Hospital for her lungs infection and Coughing badly Became very Weak

Requested by: Cristin Martin on 5/17/19

Please ask Jesus to heal the relationship between Oisin and I. Please ask Him to heal Oisin's mind and body. Free him from his depression and his physical ailments. Please ask the Archangel Raphael to intercede on his behalf.

Requested by: Maria Prasadh on 5/15/19

Mother Mary, My husband is having a secret frienship with an ex girl friend. Mother Mary he should get insulted by that girl and should break off from her ties immediately Mother Mary. Only an Insult can change him Mother Mary. He is repeatedly doing this to me Mother Mary and every time I am the one whos is having all the pains and he enjoys the time with his friends in every phase.  Please Mother Mary. He should feel the pain he gave me and get insulted by that woman Mother Mary and he should never repeat this mistake in his life Mother Mary.I fall on your feet and I beg you Mother Mary. Please look upon me as your daughter and feel my pain and helplessness and lack of peace of Mind and please do this favour for me Mother Mary.  Chuck this woman out of his life  and give me peace of mind and  peaceful Sleep Mother Mary. I am getting suicidal tendencies Mother Mary, HELP ME MOTHER. HELP ME MOTHER.

Requested by: Cynthya on 5/14/19

Dear Mother Mary please kindly pray for me that anu should not do her higher studies she should get engaged and get married to someoneelse and leave my husband.

Requested by: Diane on 5/14/19 

Please pray for my co-worker.  We work at a college library and he always leaves me and my other co-workers alone to do our job AND his.  We all have physical ailments and get so exhausted by the end of the day then still have families to tend to.  I'm not perfect but I don't make others suffer physically.  He's made students cry and doesn't seem interested in helping our community.  He goes off to talk on the phone and harass women, including myself.  He plays the martyr and has these women lie for him to cover up his deviant behavior.  He causes turmoil and pins people against each other.  Please pray NO ONE believes his lies.  I am thankful that I get to help people through God's will, however, can you ask God that Martin's heart changes and that God blesses him with another job he'll enjoy and won't be able to take advantage of people.  Thank you so much for your time.  I know I'm blessed and that we all have our crosses to bare but this man is really hurting me and a lot of others.  He had my work study put in a complaint about me and I always asked her to take her time while working.  Our boss asked him to work and since Martin is a member, he threatens to call the Union on him.  He's been fired from multiple departments including the writing lab, tutoring, maintenance, etc.  I'm scared to be alone with him.  I love helping these kids who are struggling with school, poverty, social issues, etc.  It's just hard to do it with this person causing trouble.  He said I left a note on the kitchen burner and that it was a fire hazard.  He is trying to get me into trouble.  Please pray for him and me.

Requested by: sugildas on 5/11/19

Pray for me please god do a miracle for me now iam in a critical situation i dont want job in omega insirance company dubai i dont want get appointment letter in omega because i want to work in home country please i dont want appointment letter please help me days are less please god help me only 6 days please help me i dont want this job  help me

Requested by: Tonya goldsberry on 5/11/19


Requested by: Saira on 5/11/19

  Please pray for us so we can afford to move back home. 

Requested by: Shyni on 5/10/19

Please pray for me to succeed in the exam

Requested by: Marian on 5/9/19

Please pray for total healing of all skin and intestinal problems for Marian.  Asking this request in the Most Holy Name of Jesus.  Thank you for praying and God Bless all of you.

Requested by: Wesley Fernandes  on 5/4/19

Dear Mother I pray this month plz pray to your Son for a special mericle to bless me and Alisha with a baby,mother protect my job heal me bless me, I offer all my vices and weaknesses near your feat ,I lift all my dreams my goals near your feat,mother pray to Jesus from the wealth of his glory to bless me with wisdom I offer all my dreams goals plannes near your feet ,lord give me power through your spirit to make me strong in my inner self, I pray for my brother Winsten in your hands to heal him.......Mother I offer my Durga house plz send some financial help to build my dreams.......forgive me father....I make this prayer in lord Jesus name Amen

Requested by: Gina Martine Montille on 5/1/19

During this month of May, the month of our mother Mary i ask you to pray for me and my family. Everywhere we meet the cross. 

Requested by: Maricela Huidor-Figueroa on 4/29/19
Dearest Blessed Mother, I ask kindly that you pray on my behalf for the Huidor-Figueroa, HUIDOR-Lopez and Huidor-Rodriguez families. Also please lift up your prayers for the Catholic Church: Pope, clergy, laity, all souls in Purgatory, more vocations for good holy priests, more conversions to the Catholic Faith and for all persecuted Christians and for an end to abortions. Amen. 

Requested by: LEO JOHN BETHEL on 4/25/19
Dear Mother, Please hear my cry mother.Mother I'm not getting permanent job.Wherever i go nobody is accepting me .Help me mother.Give me a permanent job help me mother.  Thankyou

Requested by: Priscilla on 4/25/19
Dear. Mother Mary please provide me with the financial blessing amen 

Requested by: Rahul Dennis Minj on 4/24/19
O Mother Mary, please pray for my father  he is suffering from aplastic anemia his blood and platelets are decreasing day by day he is admitted in the Apollo hospital chennai.Dear Mother Mary help us in this hardship as your blessing can cure my father to recover him fast. He is very weak as his bone marrow is not working properly help us Mother Mary for smooth recovery of my father and return the smile of our every member of our family.

Requested by: Aaron on 4/22/19
Tomorrow, I will be voting in Goa, India. I pray that Elvis Gomes may win South Goa constituency, Pradeep Padgaonkar if not win, get a huge amount of votes in North Goa constituency, Shekhar Naik that he will win Mapusa constituency and Yogesh that he also may win Shiroda Constituency.

Requested by: Xavier Correia on 4/20/19 
Mother Mary, obtain for us the grace to get our disputed property back which has been usurped by our tenant and his wife. 

Requested by: Kelle Thomas on 4/20/19
Dear Lord, and Blessed Mother. Please lay your healing hands over my Mom Gerri. Surround her with the white light of the Holy Spirit. Please restore her to good health. Lead the Doctors and Nurses to treat her properly and heal her. We love her so much. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen

Requested by: Marija on 4/20/19
We pray that Ivica may be resurrected in health, be declared cancer free, and that her scans show a praise report fo the goodness of God and our Savior Jesus Christ. Mary please help us defeat the attack of cancer from satan on Ivica Milicevic. Thank you! Amen!

Requested by: James on 4/17/19
Dearest Mother Mary, Please intercede for me to get a good job soon as I have been out of job for more than 2 years and I am facing a lot of anxieties within me.

Requested by: Wenisa on 4/14/19
I am Wenisa from India Residing in Dubai for job. 1 proposal has come for me. The boy is in New Zealand working. His parents are in Australia. But actually they are my dad\'s friend. His dad is my dad\'s classmate in school and they are from the same parish as my dad (Belur). And dad said they are nice family. Always coming for charasmatic prayers when they were in Dubai. Earlier they used to stay in Dubai and after sometime they moved to Australia as his dad got job there. So then we started messaging me. He\'s a very nice person, very expressive, tells everything, honest and prayerful boy. Once when mesagaing he told me he takes tablets for spondyloarthritis. Actually he had swelling one day in his leg and doctors in newzealand told him it\'s spondyloarthritis. And I was a little worried. He said he takes 3 tablets in the morning 3 at night and it should be taken permenantly as per his doctor\'s prescription. And the tablets which he takes he should have side effects like headache, vomiting . But he doesn\'t get any sideffects from the tablets he said. While speaking to his parents, his mom dad said he doenst have any kind of arthritis. Actually the doctors have turned his mind and said that if he doesn\'t take may be he will be in wheelchairs. So mom is telling he is afraid after that to leave the tablets as he may be sick. When they went to india they took 2nd opinion from Indian doctor in Manipal. The doctor said he doenst have any symptoms of spondyloarthritis and it is only gout. ( I think you know what gout is. you get swelling in leg. If you stop eating red meat for few weeks it will be fine. It is because of increase in uric acid.) So now they are convincing my parents that their son is physically fit and doenst have any problem. Mom dad said it\'s better to make a test. So now they are going to india to make tests from one of the top 10 doctor\'s in Bangalore. They are going on May 8th to Bangalore to see the doctor. His parents like me a lot and he likes me as well. Even I know he is a very nice guy who is very matured and understanding. Has a lot of knowledge. Is an engineer by profession. Hopefully everything will be fine and the reports come normal. Please pray that his reports will come normal and if it\'s God\'s wish we unite in the sacrament of marriage. 

Requested by: Nancy  on 4/13/19
Dear Mary, As I begin this request I am also asking for you to pray for all of the prayers of your followers who have detailed their requests before mine.
I am asking for your blessing on Tristan, Jamelah and Tatianna  I am asking that through your kind intercession that I be forgiven for my many sins
I ask you also for an opportunity to work on behalf of your son and our Lord whom I share such deep and devotion. May I begin the privilege again to work as I did years ago in helping to provide comfort and care to the sick, troubled, lonely and underserved.  Mary, please pray that my mistake recently be forgotten and that I take into this uncertain phase everything that Lent teaches - humility, servitude, trust, compassion and forgiveness and may I forgive with Gods help my may enemies without considering myself as a victim

Requested by: Zaneta on 4/11/19
Please pray for my family and for me. Please pray for departed Valentine, Anele, Gvidas, Anastazas, Marius.

Requested by: Monica on 4/11/19
Please pray for discernment of God's will regarding a special intention.

Requested by: Jeremy on 4/3/19
Please pray for Jeremy that the lord deliver him from all bondages,evil habits, habitual sins , desire of the flesh and the world. That the lord heals him from the moment of his conception  and fill him with his love. Blesses him with maturity, understanding, discernment and fear of god in his heart. That the lord give him the grace to make a very good confession and a true sorrow for his sin, protect him from all wrong friends and things of this world. Give him the grace to concentrate in his studies and blesses him with good memory power and the grace to pray from his heart and the desire to read the bible.Its my humble request please pray for him and also for his family for the lords mighty protection over them and for the grace to always take the right decision and for the veil from their eye to be removed and able to see the truth. Also pray for Philomena for the lord to save her, has she is very old and sick..Also good health for each one of them

Requested by: SONIA MINHAS on 4/2/19
my boss should be happy with my work and not find faults with me for small small things he starts firing am 58years old need my job am widow got debts and no savings my office colleagues are very jealous of me they back stab me and want me out from here but i need my job gossip should stop

Requested by: teresa on 4/2/19
Please, I am writing to ask for Our Lord's help and blessings in order to receive the full and total liberation of my family and me (Rosa, Salvatore, Teresa) and a prayer for Enrico, Clemente, and Giuseppe. Also asking Jesus and Our Holy Mother to protect us and to let us feel love and peace. May God bless our mutual prayer for one another. Thanks a lot.   Teresa

Requested by: Rosa on 4/1/19
Please pray for my husband. He has black lesions in the sole of his left foot. Please pray for that they will not become cancerous. Amen.

Requested by: Victor Adolfo Bracamonte on 4/1/19
Humbly, I ask to Holy God for solutions to my current serious money problems with Rosalind Marie and Sylvester.

Requested by: Cindy  on 4/1/19
Please pray for my sister?s very stressful and desperate financial troubles. Please pray for my friend?s that has a spot on her tongue that it will be healed. Thank you for your prayers and support! God bless you!