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Requested by: Maria Prasadh on 5/15/19

Mother Mary, My husband is having a secret frienship with an ex girl friend. Mother Mary he should get insulted by that girl and should break off from her ties immediately Mother Mary. Only an Insult can change him Mother Mary. He is repeatedly doing this to me Mother Mary and every time I am the one whos is having all the pains and he enjoys the time with his friends in every phase.  Please Mother Mary. He should feel the pain he gave me and get insulted by that woman Mother Mary and he should never repeat this mistake in his life Mother Mary.I fall on your feet and I beg you Mother Mary. Please look upon me as your daughter and feel my pain and helplessness and lack of peace of Mind and please do this favour for me Mother Mary.  Chuck this woman out of his life  and give me peace of mind and  peaceful Sleep Mother Mary. I am getting suicidal tendencies Mother Mary, HELP ME MOTHER. HELP ME MOTHER.

Requested by: Cynthya on 5/14/19

Dear Mother Mary please kindly pray for me that anu should not do her higher studies she should get engaged and get married to someoneelse and leave my husband.

Requested by: Diane on 5/14/19 

Please pray for my co-worker.  We work at a college library and he always leaves me and my other co-workers alone to do our job AND his.  We all have physical ailments and get so exhausted by the end of the day then still have families to tend to.  I'm not perfect but I don't make others suffer physically.  He's made students cry and doesn't seem interested in helping our community.  He goes off to talk on the phone and harass women, including myself.  He plays the martyr and has these women lie for him to cover up his deviant behavior.  He causes turmoil and pins people against each other.  Please pray NO ONE believes his lies.  I am thankful that I get to help people through God's will, however, can you ask God that Martin's heart changes and that God blesses him with another job he'll enjoy and won't be able to take advantage of people.  Thank you so much for your time.  I know I'm blessed and that we all have our crosses to bare but this man is really hurting me and a lot of others.  He had my work study put in a complaint about me and I always asked her to take her time while working.  Our boss asked him to work and since Martin is a member, he threatens to call the Union on him.  He's been fired from multiple departments including the writing lab, tutoring, maintenance, etc.  I'm scared to be alone with him.  I love helping these kids who are struggling with school, poverty, social issues, etc.  It's just hard to do it with this person causing trouble.  He said I left a note on the kitchen burner and that it was a fire hazard.  He is trying to get me into trouble.  Please pray for him and me.

Requested by: sugildas on 5/11/19

Pray for me please god do a miracle for me now iam in a critical situation i dont want job in omega insirance company dubai i dont want get appointment letter in omega because i want to work in home country please i dont want appointment letter please help me days are less please god help me only 6 days please help me i dont want this job  help me

Requested by: Tonya goldsberry on 5/11/19


Requested by: Saira on 5/11/19

  Please pray for us so we can afford to move back home. 

Requested by: Shyni on 5/10/19

Please pray for me to succeed in the exam

Requested by: Marian on 5/9/19

Please pray for total healing of all skin and intestinal problems for Marian.  Asking this request in the Most Holy Name of Jesus.  Thank you for praying and God Bless all of you.

Requested by: Wesley Fernandes  on 5/4/19

Dear Mother I pray this month plz pray to your Son for a special mericle to bless me and Alisha with a baby,mother protect my job heal me bless me, I offer all my vices and weaknesses near your feat ,I lift all my dreams my goals near your feat,mother pray to Jesus from the wealth of his glory to bless me with wisdom I offer all my dreams goals plannes near your feet ,lord give me power through your spirit to make me strong in my inner self, I pray for my brother Winsten in your hands to heal him.......Mother I offer my Durga house plz send some financial help to build my dreams.......forgive me father....I make this prayer in lord Jesus name Amen

Requested by: Gina Martine Montille on 5/1/19

During this month of May, the month of our mother Mary i ask you to pray for me and my family. Everywhere we meet the cross. 

Requested by: Maricela Huidor-Figueroa on 4/29/19
Dearest Blessed Mother, I ask kindly that you pray on my behalf for the Huidor-Figueroa, HUIDOR-Lopez and Huidor-Rodriguez families. Also please lift up your prayers for the Catholic Church: Pope, clergy, laity, all souls in Purgatory, more vocations for good holy priests, more conversions to the Catholic Faith and for all persecuted Christians and for an end to abortions. Amen. 

Requested by: LEO JOHN BETHEL on 4/25/19
Dear Mother, Please hear my cry mother.Mother I'm not getting permanent job.Wherever i go nobody is accepting me .Help me mother.Give me a permanent job help me mother.  Thankyou

Requested by: Priscilla on 4/25/19
Dear. Mother Mary please provide me with the financial blessing amen 

Requested by: Rahul Dennis Minj on 4/24/19
O Mother Mary, please pray for my father  he is suffering from aplastic anemia his blood and platelets are decreasing day by day he is admitted in the Apollo hospital chennai.Dear Mother Mary help us in this hardship as your blessing can cure my father to recover him fast. He is very weak as his bone marrow is not working properly help us Mother Mary for smooth recovery of my father and return the smile of our every member of our family.

Requested by: Aaron on 4/22/19
Tomorrow, I will be voting in Goa, India. I pray that Elvis Gomes may win South Goa constituency, Pradeep Padgaonkar if not win, get a huge amount of votes in North Goa constituency, Shekhar Naik that he will win Mapusa constituency and Yogesh that he also may win Shiroda Constituency.

Requested by: Xavier Correia on 4/20/19 
Mother Mary, obtain for us the grace to get our disputed property back which has been usurped by our tenant and his wife. 

Requested by: Kelle Thomas on 4/20/19
Dear Lord, and Blessed Mother. Please lay your healing hands over my Mom Gerri. Surround her with the white light of the Holy Spirit. Please restore her to good health. Lead the Doctors and Nurses to treat her properly and heal her. We love her so much. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen

Requested by: Marija on 4/20/19
We pray that Ivica may be resurrected in health, be declared cancer free, and that her scans show a praise report fo the goodness of God and our Savior Jesus Christ. Mary please help us defeat the attack of cancer from satan on Ivica Milicevic. Thank you! Amen!

Requested by: James on 4/17/19
Dearest Mother Mary, Please intercede for me to get a good job soon as I have been out of job for more than 2 years and I am facing a lot of anxieties within me.

Requested by: Wenisa on 4/14/19
I am Wenisa from India Residing in Dubai for job. 1 proposal has come for me. The boy is in New Zealand working. His parents are in Australia. But actually they are my dad\'s friend. His dad is my dad\'s classmate in school and they are from the same parish as my dad (Belur). And dad said they are nice family. Always coming for charasmatic prayers when they were in Dubai. Earlier they used to stay in Dubai and after sometime they moved to Australia as his dad got job there. So then we started messaging me. He\'s a very nice person, very expressive, tells everything, honest and prayerful boy. Once when mesagaing he told me he takes tablets for spondyloarthritis. Actually he had swelling one day in his leg and doctors in newzealand told him it\'s spondyloarthritis. And I was a little worried. He said he takes 3 tablets in the morning 3 at night and it should be taken permenantly as per his doctor\'s prescription. And the tablets which he takes he should have side effects like headache, vomiting . But he doesn\'t get any sideffects from the tablets he said. While speaking to his parents, his mom dad said he doenst have any kind of arthritis. Actually the doctors have turned his mind and said that if he doesn\'t take may be he will be in wheelchairs. So mom is telling he is afraid after that to leave the tablets as he may be sick. When they went to india they took 2nd opinion from Indian doctor in Manipal. The doctor said he doenst have any symptoms of spondyloarthritis and it is only gout. ( I think you know what gout is. you get swelling in leg. If you stop eating red meat for few weeks it will be fine. It is because of increase in uric acid.) So now they are convincing my parents that their son is physically fit and doenst have any problem. Mom dad said it\'s better to make a test. So now they are going to india to make tests from one of the top 10 doctor\'s in Bangalore. They are going on May 8th to Bangalore to see the doctor. His parents like me a lot and he likes me as well. Even I know he is a very nice guy who is very matured and understanding. Has a lot of knowledge. Is an engineer by profession. Hopefully everything will be fine and the reports come normal. Please pray that his reports will come normal and if it\'s God\'s wish we unite in the sacrament of marriage. 

Requested by: Nancy  on 4/13/19
Dear Mary, As I begin this request I am also asking for you to pray for all of the prayers of your followers who have detailed their requests before mine.
I am asking for your blessing on Tristan, Jamelah and Tatianna  I am asking that through your kind intercession that I be forgiven for my many sins
I ask you also for an opportunity to work on behalf of your son and our Lord whom I share such deep and devotion. May I begin the privilege again to work as I did years ago in helping to provide comfort and care to the sick, troubled, lonely and underserved.  Mary, please pray that my mistake recently be forgotten and that I take into this uncertain phase everything that Lent teaches - humility, servitude, trust, compassion and forgiveness and may I forgive with Gods help my may enemies without considering myself as a victim

Requested by: Zaneta on 4/11/19
Please pray for my family and for me. Please pray for departed Valentine, Anele, Gvidas, Anastazas, Marius.

Requested by: Monica on 4/11/19
Please pray for discernment of God's will regarding a special intention.

Requested by: Jeremy on 4/3/19
Please pray for Jeremy that the lord deliver him from all bondages,evil habits, habitual sins , desire of the flesh and the world. That the lord heals him from the moment of his conception  and fill him with his love. Blesses him with maturity, understanding, discernment and fear of god in his heart. That the lord give him the grace to make a very good confession and a true sorrow for his sin, protect him from all wrong friends and things of this world. Give him the grace to concentrate in his studies and blesses him with good memory power and the grace to pray from his heart and the desire to read the bible.Its my humble request please pray for him and also for his family for the lords mighty protection over them and for the grace to always take the right decision and for the veil from their eye to be removed and able to see the truth. Also pray for Philomena for the lord to save her, has she is very old and sick..Also good health for each one of them

Requested by: SONIA MINHAS on 4/2/19
my boss should be happy with my work and not find faults with me for small small things he starts firing am 58years old need my job am widow got debts and no savings my office colleagues are very jealous of me they back stab me and want me out from here but i need my job gossip should stop

Requested by: teresa on 4/2/19
Please, I am writing to ask for Our Lord's help and blessings in order to receive the full and total liberation of my family and me (Rosa, Salvatore, Teresa) and a prayer for Enrico, Clemente, and Giuseppe. Also asking Jesus and Our Holy Mother to protect us and to let us feel love and peace. May God bless our mutual prayer for one another. Thanks a lot.   Teresa

Requested by: Rosa on 4/1/19
Please pray for my husband. He has black lesions in the sole of his left foot. Please pray for that they will not become cancerous. Amen.

Requested by: Victor Adolfo Bracamonte on 4/1/19
Humbly, I ask to Holy God for solutions to my current serious money problems with Rosalind Marie and Sylvester.

Requested by: Cindy  on 4/1/19
Please pray for my sister?s very stressful and desperate financial troubles. Please pray for my friend?s that has a spot on her tongue that it will be healed. Thank you for your prayers and support! God bless you!
Requested by: C. C. on 3/30/19 Please pray for my sisters financial problems. Please pray for Francine who has a spot on her tongue and will have a biopsy, that it will be healed and NOT malignant. Thank you for your prayer support!

Requested by: Raphel K D on 3/28/19
Please pray for our daughter Ruth Raphel   (16 years old) to become normal girl.  She has high depression and suicide tendency and not taking food since 3 days.  Always crying  shows little violent  and not going to school since 1 year.  Please pray for her to become normal and Jesus daughter and remove all her bad thoughts.   She is single daughter for us and wife?s uterus already removed.   Parents name are Raphel and Ruby.

Requested by: Jan Noche on 3/27/19
Praying for the success and approval of EB1 application in the next few weeks. That Mother Mary will intercede for us that the AO assigned to our case will approve the application. That the Lord will touch and move his/her mind to approve the application. 

Requested by: Eva Hernandez on 3/24/19
Please pray for the physical, financial, emotional and mental well-being of Eva, Diane and Dr. Zelinsky. That we can pay our mortgage, car and doctor bills. Please protect Diane and Dr. Zelinsky at their jobs from slander and from being attacked. For Markie to find a job. For Delia to reach her fundraiser goal. Thank you

Requested by: Roxie Johnson on 3/24/19 I ask for you mama mary to intercede for me I ask for healing of my back. may is go back to perfect alignment and may the pain go away  I pray and offer any pain for you my God  Please help me in the request

Requested by: Renuka S De silva on 3/23/19 
I am a Catholic Mother of 2 sons living in Sri Lanka.I am Struggling with lot of Difficulties since 1 Year.My Husband and my Eldest Son is unemployed and difficult to find a Job.We are walking through lot of Hardships .We are Praying but still didn't get answer to prayers.  I am suffering with Diabetes ,Kidney Protineuria,Arthritis and High Cholesterol since long time.  Please pray for me and my Family to get Blessing's and heal my Sickness .Please pray for my Parents also.Please pray for get employment .Thank you so much for prayers.God bless you.

Requested by: James Anthony Hollaway on 3/21/19
Dear Friends, Brothers, and Sisters, I hope with all my heart, that you can please, pray for me. The reason being is that my Love Life is an absolute train wreck, I feel like I really am cursed, after all. I am 24 years old, and I have never had a girlfriend. I am so sick and tired, of losing in the game of Love. All I want more than anything is to finally win the girl for once. Just once, I want to finally win the girl. I really like this girl I met. Her name is Marisela, and she likes me too. This is great news because this means that I have a chance with Marisela, but I am not the only competition. She is out of my league and I do not have the smoothest game. I hope with all my heart, that I have not made any mistakes that are too bad between Marisela and myself. That everything will work out between us. That we can and will be together. And that it will all happen soon. I hope with all my heart, that all this pain I have had to go through, was just a test by God to see if my feelings for Marisela were genuine, real, and sincere, and that she was not brought into my life, just so that she could be ripped away.
I am not perfect, but I hope with all my heart, that I have been a good enough person, a nice enough person, and a generous enough person, to have finally earned the right to be happy too. I am asking you because I really need your help. Please, pray for me. Pray that I finally win the girl, this girl, Marisela, in this game of Love.

Requested by: Jansi Zachariah on 3/19/19
My dear most beloved mother of all human beings; we come in front of you daily with many problems.  Right now our family is in full debt due to improper planning and moreover has a lot of family burdens/commitments.  Also my husband is having problems with his residence at the place of domicile; Actually I really dont know what to is so miserable in front of us, daughter is sick totall we are under pressure.  Please mother Mary, help us to overcome this situation and give us the courage to face it as I am not able to control .  I keep all the trust in you my Lord. Please help us..... 

Requested by: VICTOR on 3/19/19
Dear Sir,Praise The Lord In Christ Jesus. This Is Victor Age 30 From Bhopal ( Madhya Pradesh ) I Am Really Want Your Prayer For Infilling Of The Holy Spirit. I Did My Bible Collage From Divine Retreat Centre, Muringoor ( Kerala ) And Also Did World Evangelize Course From Bangalore , Also Did World Evangelization On Deliverance And Healing Ministry Right Now Working In A Company Called Dilip Buildcon As Senior Executive To Finance & Accounts. But Want A Job Which Has A Job Security and  Not Married And Want A Girl Who Is From God For Me Has My Life Partner.

Requested by: Catol on 3/19/19
Please pray that i be healed from  electric shock sensation on my body because of this i cannot sleep. Please pray that i be in good health. Also healing from fear and doubts. 

Requested by: Juliet Shravan on 3/18/19 Mother mary, pls help me to get my money of Rs.1 lac from punit. He has taken money and now he is not returning and i need that money pls see that he returns my payment. 

Requested by: Juliet on 3/18/19 Mother mary,i have delivered a baby girl and its month that m not able to breast feed her as am not having that much milk. I am taking so much of medicines but nothing is there. I trust you mother mary that you will bless me that I will have full flow of milk to feed and fill my babys stomach. As you are a mother you will understand me.

Requested by: Charlotte  on 3/17/19
Dear Mother Mary, Please make my father Mr Frank K.'s heart to love me and his mind to remember me. Please make him do his duty as a father to me and help me financially with my living expenses and a home.He has not taken care of me since I was a child. He has been an absent father all these years. Please help him change his wicked ways and make amends.Thank You so much. Your Child, Charlotte 

Requested by: Milagros Reyes on 3/16/19
Mother Mary, please make haste to ease my anxieties about custody with Emilie, soften Jaimes heart , help us to get along. Help us through this next step he chooses to take us through. Please help me and protect us under your mantle . Ask you Son Jesus to please resolve this quickly and peacefully . Amen 

Requested by: Trella Williams on 3/16/19
Pray that I may conceive and carry a healthy baby. I have been trying for about a year to get pregnant with no success. 

Requested by: Bristow on 3/16/19
Please pray for me. I have black lesions in the sole of my left foot. Please pray for that they will not become cancerous. Amen.

Requested by: ann on 3/9/19
Pray for my marriage and family.Pray for Ella bladder and health problems.Pray for Ryan behaves himself.

Requested by: Gerard Thomas Joseph McGoldrick on 3/11/19
For the complete healing of my diabetes, my schizophrenia and my brain injury, particularly my damaged memory. For the graces of a long, fruitful life in the Lord's service and of a happy and holy death.

Requested by: Fr Mathew Cherian on 3/12/19
Beloved Mother of Jesus. Please pray for me and my family. We are surrounded by so many hardships and persecution from the church people. My health is getting affected day by day. But I am reeling under stress, depression and anxiety.    

Requested by: Mary on 3/12/19
Please pray for P.T Lord to wipe away his tears,anxiety,depression,phobias,communication,behavioural and thinking problems,impulsiveness,autism,heal his every inner wounds,physical and mental illness,every evil bindings of sin,LONG TERM ADDICTION TO ALCOHOL and to fill him with Holy Spirit,give him happiness,peace,joy,wisdom, and piety.Lord,he is your child,please provide him whatever he needs now.Give him God fearing faithful FAMILY friends  and work too. Fill his family ,children, wife and siblings with Holy spirit Give his next 7 generation salvation.Thanks

Requested by: Carolyn on 3/14/19
Please pray that David's cancer may be treated successfully.  Please pray that the problem with my neck may be repaired easily and that it not be cancer or of a serious nature.

Requested by: iftikhar  on 3/8/19
dear pastor.bishop.father .please i have request with you in the nameo f God please you special prayer health issue special high blood pressure please you prayer for my father good health Gpd blessed you all .my father name Robrrt inyat 

Requested by: Jessica on 3/8/19
Please pray for healing for my mom who was recently diagnosed with cancer. We are waiting the results of further testing, so please pray it is easily treatable and curable.

Requested by: Michael A on 3/7/19
Lord please hear my prayers, you see all, you can change all, please help my wife through this pregnancy and help us have a healthy baby boy. Please help knit my family close together, we have had our struggles, please Lord help us mend.

Requested by: Philomena on 3/6/19
O Mother Mary please pray for my family. Please pray ? for my son Neves job security. Bless his job and give him promotion in his job  Also bless my son Savio with a good job in a good company and bless him with a God fearing loving understanding Life Partner  Alleluia Amen

Requested by: Thereza Dsouza on 3/6/19
Please pray for my sister that the boy who she likes tells her that we will get married clear all theobsticales coming in her way of marriage

Requested by: Marie on 3/6/19
Dear Sisters.  Anxiety has ruined my life.  It has caused me to be unable to hold down jobs.  It has made me fearful of learning to drive.  At 62 I am divorced, never had a child, & have nothing.  Please pray that God will deliver me from this affliction, & take along with it the OCD, the depression, the whole mess.  Also, I will have a catscan next month to determine if cancer has come back.  Please pray that it hasn't.  And that it NEVER will.  I give thanks & praise to God.  And I thank you for your prayers.  May God bless & keep you.  Amen.

Requested by: Rob Lima on 3/5/19
Please pray with me! May there be grace, peace and strength. May God's Holy Spirit surround my daughters Sophie & Chloe and my son Matthew, and Cathy and Buddy and Emily Parks. May the Lord give to the holy angels the power to protection over all. In the name of Jesus, Our Lady Pray for Us, Saint Joseph Pray for Us, amen.

Requested by: MC on 3/3/19 Heal me from my current dizziness/Labrynthitis and help me return to a good,happy, healthy,holy, safe,successful,confident, competent,quality of life as soon as possible. Answer all my prayers and our families today and everyday. Bring us peace of mind, soul and body. Heal us mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.Help us to be kind,caring, loving, compassionate and tolerant towards each other. Let all our grandchildren be very successful in all exams they will be doing within the next few months. Thank you.

Requested by: Ken on 3/2/19
To our Wonderful Heavenly Mother Mary and all our mothers living and deceased who have given tirelessly of themselves for their families. Thank You and God Bless and be with you.

Requested by: sathya on 3/1/19
Please pray for conversion of my son Bharathidasan/Chottu, for cleansing of his mind and soul, for his health and that he comes back to me calling me "mummy" again. Lord, please bring my son back to me, AMEN

Requested by: Mary Fatima on 2/28/19 

its 28th Feb over. The little hopes I had for my son to get a job in the hospital using form 3 certificate gone. My hopes shattered. No reply, no calls from them. Resume I sent was because the store boys said they need a christian staff as all are hindus . But looks like his form 3 cert disqualified. thats why no reply
Where else am I to find a job for him.  O Lord please help

Requested by: Mestiza on 2/28/19

Dear Blessed Mother,I put my faith in you. Please heal me of my physical ailments--you know what they are--and take away this anxiety, depression, and loneliness that burdens me so. I am living in poverty, and I am having a hard time surviving. Please restore my health, happiness, and financial security soon. And fill my life and heart with loving companions to erase this awful loneliness.Thank you.

Requested by: PAUL MEIRING on 2/27/19

Mother Mary please come to our aid in our financial situation and the turmoil in our home please take my request and place it in your sons care our Lord Jesus AMEN 

Requested by: Christine M Fernandes on 2/26/19

Please pray Silroy Fernandes my husband boss Vincent Ramos come to office at 3 afternoon and leave at 6pm so that my husband can pick me up and we go together to attend the roce ceremony today.please pray that the people making false accusations on my husband you forgive them the prayer on my husband Silroy behalf I make is father forgive them for they know not what they do.into your hands I commend there spirit.use this suffering for conversion of souls. please pray Silroy boss Vincent Ramos meet Brian ocean retreat tomorrow and come to a honest peaceful settlement with him tomorrow 27 th February. .

Requested by: Victoria  on 2/26/19

God come and turn my situation for good,am in deep pain,  please my God  come and touch me,  so that I will be free from evil pain, I have no other person. So don't forsake me Lord

Requested by: Sony Motwani on 2/25/19

Pls pls pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy for my daughter shweta. She has had a miscarriage before. Pls pray for the protection if the unborn baby. Pls pray that everything vworks out well . Request you to keep shweta in your daily prayers.thankyou. Sony

Requested by: Brother Alexander Chung, MIC on 2/25/19

That I, Alexander Chung, MIC, be always abundantly, ceaselessly, powerfully, and unfailingly graced to always unfailingly live in Jesus? Truth, Will, and Love, so that I always unfailingly live God?s Will and the Faith in my life, always unfailingly in and out of season, and always unfailingly in my thoughts, words, and deeds, so I may keeping getting up to remain and persevere in His love.

Requested by: roselyn on 2/23/19

Pls pray my husband arnelo that God heal his lungs cough and sinusitis

Requested by: David on 2/23/19

1. Bless my parents, relatives & friends  2. Bless my life & my financial  3. Bless my work & get me a better job  4. Bless my employer & working colleagues
5. Free me from financial difficulties & problems  6. Free me from loans & debts

Requested by: Yvonne Saldanha  on 2/22/19

Pls pray for my daughter marianne Saldanha,mumbai, india who is into an evil relationship for three years with a boy who is a Catholic but a self confessed agnostic.  He is arrogant to the core, aggressive to the core n bad character.  Praying for deliverance of my daughter n she comes home soon n safe. Praying for a good god fearing boy to come into her life.  Praying for her to be freed from the trap she is caught into by her boyfriend Joel. 

Requested by: Marie on 2/21/19

Dear Prayerful People.  Please pray that God will deliver me from despair, anxiety, OCD, & poverty.  Please pray that my next catscan, & all future catscans, will prove that cancer has NOT come back in me.  Please pray that God will prosper me, enabling me & my 84 yr old mother to move from the pit of despair we live in.  We are living among criminals & dangerous people because we can't afford to live elsewhere.  Despite my being disabled, I was threatened by a dangerous woman in this apartment building.  I give thanks & praise to God.  And I thank you for your prayers.  May God bless & keep you.  Amen.

Requested by: Kenneth Leverett Lane on 2/20/19

pray for me that the lord jesus christ will tear down and destroy the enemy plans to stop me for getting my settlement of a workers compensation lawsuit in the state of new jersey, i ask that i will never have to suffer again financial the way that i have so much pain please pray the lord will give me the victory in christ jesus amen.

Requested by: Meral on 2/19/19

Kindly pray for my husband adrine as he is in a evil influence and wants to get divorced. Please god give my husband the wisdom and strength to quit all bad habits and evil influence. Please do not let him break the holy sacrament of marriage and the commandments

Requested by: Augustine George on 2/18/19
Dear Mother Mary, Please show mercy on me and family. Please help us to overcome our financial crisis by offering me a job with improved salary. Mother I am living in distress since 15 months. Please shower your mercy in reuniting with my lost love Jiss. I can't live without her anymore in this life. She desires to come back but due to her family responsibility, commitments and objection from parents she is not able to come back to me. Please show mercy to solve all her problems and please shower blessing on jiss so that she starts loving me and family as before.And please show mercy so that both of us and our families join hands together and allow us to marry live a life together. Blessed Mother there is only 0% chance on our reunion and a life together but I strongly believe that it will be taken care by you. Blessed mother I really don't know how am I living since these 15 months without her love. Its just  ecause of you I am still living. Mother Mary please pray for us please show mercy upon us. Please give us a chance to live together in love and happiness.. Please mother please pray for us please... Its a humble request from a broken heart.

Requested by: Durcas on 2/17/19

Mama Mary, I pray for the Gloria Aliviado, she has been a member of a certain religious group but she is a neighbor from hell. She and her family has been disturbing the neighbors peace environment and has been spreading false stories to people around that 'cause some neighbors an emotional disturbances. She has been owning empty lots/space as her own, noisy family especially when her sons get drunk, her sons and grandchildren pee everywhere in the neighborhood causing the place to smell, worst they treat their dogs severely because the neighbors can hear the agony sound of the dogs. If that is not the worst, they have been throwing baby cats to their neighbors for no reason. She and her family are low profile bullies-appears to be friendly but stabs you at the back. I pray for a real encounter with Jesus in their lives, her and her sons and her grandchildren. I pray for a real conversion to Jesus. Amen.

Requested by: Antony John on 2/17/19

Please pray for me to get powerful in this life 

Requested by: Michiko on 2/13/19 

Mama Mary please help me pray for the safety of my family and love ones. Mama Mary it hasn't been easy working abroad away from my family. Mama Mary my concern is back home we have a neighbor named ............ and his family that has been been causing chaos throughout the neighborhood. They are bullying everybody around them. There are times that this ............would be screaming and shouting accusing anybody that passes their house as "thieves"". the latest event that he did was ran around shouting suddenly going into a house then just bluntly harrassed the person inside, worst his father known to many as "........."" pulled out a gun pointed it upwards then pulled the trigger. The gunshot sound terrified the entire neighborhood.  He also is accusing my family of many things that are not true, that are made up stories.  I believe Mama Mary only Jesus your Son can change mind and hearts. Please pray for ............... and family and his friends to have an encounter with Jesus your Holy Son. Amen.
Requested by: Brother Alexander Chung, MIC on 2/13/19

That I Brother Alex Chung, MIC would be like another St. Paul the Apostle and in the way God wills and desires it.

Requested by: SHASHI BECK on 2/12/19

I want to marry with Kumari Sukanya Nayak. I am fall in love with her. I asked to marry me but she refused to me. She is my best friend and she is everything to me.Make our complicated relationship become uncomplicated. Pray for me so that she agree to marry me.

Requested by: Ryan McMillan on 2/12/19

Please bless my mother Mary.  She has been the light of my life since birth.  She is my confidant and has supported me regardless of hardship. I can't imagine how I would have gotten this far without her.

Requested by: Diana  on 2/11/19

I ask for prayer for a body healing and to repair my fallopian tubes and make them new so that I'm able to conceive and get pregnant amen

Requested by: SONY S RAJAN on 2/10/19 

This is a thanks giving letter for your prayers.few weeks ago I wrote a prayer request for getting money from some where to renew our trade license.lord heard our prayers and we got money to renew our trade license thanks to the all mighty lord and for ur prieous prayers...

Requested by: mary on 2/9/19

Please  pray for J.T, Lord to fill him with Holy Spirit, give him salvation, love, peace, joy,courage,ability to forgive  and to take away every evil binding of sin,depression,anxiety,phobias,hurt,jealousy, complexes ,communication and behavioural problems and let him get filled with your love,Lord,please give him a suitable job in the field he done graduation and ability and wisdom to do that job too. Please give him God fearing faithfull friends for him and to get help in need. Lord, please prepare a God-fearing faithful girl and family for him and let them get married in Your time. Bless their 7 generations to get salvation Lord.Bless his parents and siblings to get salvation. Thanks

Requested by: Denira on 2/9/19

Mother Mary, I pray for my mummy Marcelina Fernandes to be cured from her illness. I praise you I know you have healed her in Jesus name and brought her out of the ICU. But I pray to restore her back in health. Let her fracture be cured and she can sit and walk again. I know you have always listened to my cries and always there at my side. I was not supposed to get her at my place because of my daughter exams. But you gave me hope and I am going to get her to my place. Please give me strength and courage to go through all this. Help me to take care of my mummy and bring her back to health. Also my daughter exams will be starting from March 1st. Please be with her and guide her. Keep in her memory whatever she studies and let her write her paper well. At this trials I need your protection and help. Please be with me Please give peace in my house. Let no evil reside in there. All hopes are on you Mother Mary. Please be at my side.Praise to Jesus....Praise to you Mother Mary......I Love you......Amen

Requested by: CYN on 2/7/19

Dear Mother Mary please kindly pray for me that what ever groups are created against me in social media whatsapp, facebook and insta should get deleted.  Please kindly pray for my deliverance. 

Requested by: Arthur Kok on 2/6/19
Please pray for Madam Teo Bee Go daughter in law Madam Lucy who have severe breast cancer. Her breast cancer viruses have spread to her brain. Now Madam Lucy have breast and brain cancer. She is unwell because of the chemotherapy treatment. Pray for her healing that Madam Lucy will be healed and getting better. Thank you very much for your prayers. God bless you always.

Requested by: Andrea M Berkenmeier on 2/6/19

My nephew hauls cement and a transfer line blew up in his face this morning. His right eye might get sight in time but the doctor said he may lose his left eye. He's a young man and drives for a living. He has a 7 yr old daughter and his wife is expecting a baby in 7weeks. They need Jesus's hands on them right now.  Thank you in advance. 

Requested by: Elizabeth White on 2/6/19

Pray that Jesus heals Sophia as she has a high fever and not feeling well. She is my 2 year old grand-daughter. Pray for her health and healing. Thank you. 

Requested by: Cristin Martin on 2/5/19

I have a few unusual blemishes on my nose. I'm afraid of skin cancer. Please ask Jesus to heal me. Please ask archangel Raphael to intercede on my behalf

Requested by: Marie on 2/5/19

Please let everything be approved without any problems for Christopher. Thank you.