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Requested by: ID ASUQUO on 8/17/18

We need urgent prayers for healing for myself 33yrs, my wife 27yrs, and daughter 6months, we are afflicted with staphylococcus aureus bacterial infection which has caused us much agony and pains ànd we are presently suffering the following ailments namely waist pains, body pains, stomach ulcers, nervous disorders, partial blindness, partial deafness, joint pains, migraine, fever, skin rashes, mental illnesses, loss of memory, paralysis, hypertension, depression, diabetes, constant headache, joint pains, etc as a result of this infection which has lasted for years. Medical doctors confirmed the infection is a stubborn type having defied medical treatments, as it is now, we need the healing hand of God through your prayers. Its has really affected us negatively and has caused us untold hardship and pains for over 10 years now, especially me. Please pray for our total healing and deliverance and we shall send our testimony to you to glorify God. Most times I have contemplated family suicide because my progress at work has been affected. Please help us in prayers for divine healing because we are desperate for Gods divine intervention. We are believers of Christ and trust God for a family miracle and deliverance soon as you pray for us. We want to be healthy and alive to serve God fervently. We have faith that God will use your prayers to heal and deliver us from our afflictions.

Requested by: Paul Jose Chazhukaran  on 8/15/18

Please pray for me, my wife, son, our parents & our close relatives  -to be protected from all the satanic attacks in our spiritual life, family life, business, relationships, health, job, finance & every aspect of our lives.-to be cleansed from all sins & be protected from all evil by the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ.
-to be healed from all inner wounds.  -to forgive each other & others.-to be filled with the gifts & charisms of the Holy Spirit & to produce the fruits of the Holy Spirit.  Pray for my bro-in-law in Australia to find a part-time-job.  Pray for all our relatives and friends in purgatory to reach heaven soon.  Pray for my business partners and to be able to sell the business for a good amount of money or to get good profit from it.

Requested by: Barbara Beller on 8/14/18 I

am asking for prayers through the intercession of our dear Blessed Mother for a complete healing of both of my feet and if i will need surgery that it will be a speedy and successful recovery and that i can put my complete trust in Jesus as He knows what is best for me. Jesus I Trust In You. Thank you for all the blessings you have already given to me.

Requested by: Leona T Kavan on 8/14/18

Normal delivery of a healthy baby for Alexis and Zach  Benjamin, Jackie my health  Jenn and Zach and babies

Requested by: anon due to computer on 8/12/18

Please pray for healing in all areas for 5 people with very serious illness and their family.  Please pray for God's guidance and protection and knowledge of His presence during this very difficult time.  Please pray for all to fulfill the calling that God has on their lives.  Please pray for one of them to be able to start eating again.  He is fighting for his life.  Thanks so much and God, please Bless each of you

Requested by: Tonya Goldsberry on 8/12/18

I want prayer for me and my family God I ask for your protection and wisdom and Mercy please take care of my family Jesus amen

Requested by: CYRIL SHABU on 8/11/18

I am CYRIL SHABU.  i am a engineering student . please pray for me to get a good job when companies come for recruiting students from  our college. please pray for me in the name of lord JESUS. please

Requested by: Diane  on 8/7/18

Prayers for our son Evan that he will break up with his current girlfriend and then find someone who will share his Catholic faith and his family life.  

Requested by: Kaylie on 8/5/18

Please pray for me, I am waiting for a physical to come back for a job I really want. However, the physican said it is a long shot that it will be approved and be back for 15 Aug 18 deadline.  Please pray for me that this physical comes back approved & by 15 Aug 18. This job would be a miracle for me and my family. Thank you and God Bless!

Requested by: jennifer on 8/4/18

My name is Jennifer and I am requesting urgent prayers for my husband Viktor  and I to be reunited, we were separated by ICE immigration and now I am released but do not have the funds to go upstate NY to see him, please I am asking prayers for a financial miracle and an end of my immigration problems, I ask for prayers that my petition before the Immigration Judges will be granted and the relief sought will be what we need, God's will be done.  I am also asking for prayers that we get back full custody and control of our home and we will not be living on the mercy of family and friends. Thank God for the people who are helping us. Court date is September 5, for the judge to give us our home and income back.  I am also asking for prayers that all our legal litigation come to an end with the relief we sought granted by the Judges in our favor.  God's will be done  Praying for good legal counsel to help us, God's Will be done.  I am also praying for the good people whom I left behind in ICE detention to be reunited with their Families.I also pray that God continues to Bless Our Church. Thank you and God Bless You  Jennifer & Viktor U

Requested by: Mareina on 8/3/18

Glory to lord Jesus, Most immaculate virgin mary, through you I ask my wish to be granted. I lost all my hope . I am staying and studying with my parents in muscat for past 7 years.  They are torchering me like an animal.  They are illtreating me. I don't want to stay here. I want to go to kerala forever alone and stay with my grandfather forever and study there in kerala. If it's God's wish please let me go Lord. I want mother mary to request this to Jesus.  I am waiting. Thank you Lord for hearing me and answering my prayer.

Requested by: Montina on 8/2/18

Please pray urgently that my daughter Delcy gets a good permanent job soon. She is in urgent need of a job.  Thank you n God bless you n your prayer team. 

Requested by: Anna on 8/2/18

Mother Mary, please help my children with the application to the high school. We are so desperate for your intervention and help. We are so lost and need help. Please let a good news come for us.

Requested by: Ella on 8/2/18

please pray for Latoya, she still waiting for positive results from background check for employment. She really need this position. She's a single mom with a young child and currently homeless. Please pray for Ella a financial blessing another chance to get on her feet.  Thank you Lord for answered prayers in Jesus name amen

Requested by: sathya.s on 7/31/18

Please pray for health and conversion of Bharathidasan/Chottu,for cleansing him of stubbornness, arrogance,anger,grudge, ego, and that he comes back to me calling me "mummy" again. Lord, please bring my son back to me, AMEN

Requested by: Sarah Packer on 7/31/18

Dear Mother of God,  I pray for Eric, Franco, myself and all our family members, for all of Our Salvation. Amen

Requested by: Lesley Sullivan on 7/31/18

Please lift up healing prayers for my good friend Jo Blacksten.  She is fighting lymphoma and cancer of the brain.  So far the treatments are working.  Thank you for all your prayers for my good friend.  Love you much.  Lesley

Requested by: Brother Alexander Chung, MIC on 7/30/18

That the Gaze of Christ be placed upon us, our families, friends, Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, the USA?s National Shrine of The Divine Mercy, the Catholic Church and the enemies of the Catholic Church, so that we, our families, friends, Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, the USA?s National Shrine of The Divine Mercy, the Catholic Church and the enemies of the Catholic Church, and those that live, work and come to this Shrine be graced with the light of Truth and Compassion and ceaseless perseverance and conversion, in the hope that all live heaven on earth, and so one day live with Jesus in heaven.

Requested by: Veena Ruban on 7/27/18

Dear Mother Mary, please have mercy on us, Please pray for Ruban's job. Please bless him with a good job. Please show mercy on us. 

Requested by: asha rajan on 7/26/18 

Mother mary,      Please  pray for my Son, 15yrs, who is preparing for Class 10 Board Exams. He is unable to concentrate on his studies, also his over confidence makes him postpone his studies always. HIS HADWRITING IS VERY BAD.LORD ,Pls improve his handwriting.  Please pray for him so that he realizes the need to study well as the exams are nearing, in Mar 2019

Requested by: Derek Solomon on 7/26/18

Please Enroll me Derek Gerard Solomon in Perpetual Masses Amen  I'm suffering with a terminal illness  St Michael Archangel Protect us Amen IHS

Requested by: Suresh kotiyan on 7/25/18 Prayer for my mother girija her shoulder was. operated puss was coming for her healings and deliverance  for suresh good future financial system for healings and deliverance

Requested by: Jan on 7/24/18

Healing for my son Tom from mental illness. 

Requested by: Cassandra Elizabeth on 7/21/18 I pray that Dave will pick up the phone call this Sunday and that we will be able to resolve our friendship issues over the phone. Pray for me for the words I speak so that we can be friends again. Please pray to undo the knot in David's heart of anger, hurt and unforgiveness and whatever is stopping him from giving us another chance for the mistakes I have made so when I speak to him I pray for reconciliation of our long distance friendship over the phone call, that our conversation will be restored with faith, love and joy.

Requested by: Thevaapriyaa on 7/19/18

Amma Mary mother please bless my little girl Jojo and heal her heart disease and cough maa. Amma please have mercy on Jojo and save her life maa. Amma please bless Jojo heart to be healthy and strong maa. Amma please heal her terrible cough maa. Amma please save Jojo life maa. AMEN...

Requested by: Dorothy Alphonso on 7/16/18

Dear Fathers Sisters Brothers, Pl pray for my sister Flory Dsouza 43years to be blessed with good life partner or to reveal God's plan in her life what God exactly want from her to do in life & a good permanent job soon as she is jobless now & very frustrated life..Pl pray for my friend Sunita Kunder, Sunita Salunke,Jayshree Tari, Valentina Almeida, Sapna Kirawant & Savita & savita sisters to be blessed with good life partner. .they all are above 30 years old.
Thank you for ur prayers.  Dorothy

Requested by: HOWARD T HICKEY on 7/15/18

healing from what caused this and relation be restored

Requested by: Colleen Lawrence Daniels on 7/12/18

Dear National Shrine of Mary  Please find petition for Mary.  Please pray for a healing for Colleen Lawrence Daniels terrible pains for over 3 weeks in the back left arm and elbow. Consulted a doctor inflammation in the vertebrae. Please keep her covered under the blood and protection of jesus she is a minister of holy communion and serves communion in the church and collect kids from school. Please keep the property under the blood and protection of jesus  49 Gougem Road Southfield Cape Town South Africa.  God Bless  Colleen Lawrence Daniels

Requested by: alexandra on 7/12/18

my  grandmother (CHIRACA) passed  away  today  11  july  .Please  pray  for  her  soul

Requested by: linda nelson on 7/4/18

Pray for God's healing hand to be upon Gail and Tiffiny, Shannon's dad, Frank, Fr. Steve, Kenny, Jesse, Laura, Jason, Aiden, Audrey, August, Ben, Shannon/baby   Pray God sends us a St. Joseph.  Pray for healing of my side of the family.  Pray the Holy Spirit will guide me in discerning God's will and may my heart and soul be open to His will.  Pray for Shelly and her family, Chris's brother's surgery and healing go well and for his family.  Pray Samantha will forgive herself due to the loss of her child and get the help that she needs to heal.  Maura and her family, Creedon family.  Thanks and God Bless,

Requested by: Susan Wallin on 7/3/18

Please pray for our son-in-law James who fell from a roof this morning and was life flighted to Columbia, Mo. hospital.  He has full sensation and movement.  Please pray for lower back pain management and that his injuries are able to be healed.  Thank you for all the prayers you offer for so many.

Requested by: L M on 7/1/18

Please pray for my mother Rosy to experience complete recovery and cure from umbibical hernia,gap in the knees,utrus infection and high blood pressure.
please pray for her good health and long life.thank you

Requested by: N Laila on 6/29/18

My request is for a job to my son In Surya TV.He is waiting for a job for a long time.Now he is without a job and so much depressed.Holy Mary please help us

Requested by: Abhay Bara on 6/26/18

Mother Mary, please pray for my daughters Shruti and Shreya for their success in their mid term exam which is starting from 21st June, to 29th June, 2018.  Amen. 

Requested by: Diane Maria Nagel Atchison on 6/25/18

Please pray for my son Caleb he is 14 years old, he has been diagnosed with APlastic Anemia and is very sick.  He will need Chemo and a Blood Marrow Transplant.  Any and all prayers are most appreciated

Requested by: Fleur-de-lis Dauphine on 6/23/18

Thank you Jesus for the Divine Plan being made clear in my life.  My employer is in reorg.  I was offered a retirement.  A brief note.. I divorced in 2017 and my husband has a QDRO on my pension.  With the package offered he would receive a portion of that also.  I gave him the house which he recently sold and will be able to repay money to me he owes me.  I felt I gave too much to the marriage monetarily.  I didn't feel confident with the pkg offered because of the above.  There were wasn't any decision to make because there was no guarantee for a job if I stayed - the company is going to cut 3,000 people.  I am grateful for the package I am getting.  It is small compared to some of the others.  I don't need much ?. Others do.  I need God and my dog Ruby.  I will be able to move back to my home state of Missouri.  I plan to make my roots at the Lake.  I missed home so much.  I never felt a  part of the east coast.  I found many wonderful people.  I want to fit in - it is hard because I don't drink and I am different.  My family has passed and only living relatives I have are a cousin and aunt.  I just celebrated my 65th birthday - no one called.  There was a nice party at work for me.  I've always wanted a family because my family today is distant.  God worked a miracle in the timing of the selling of the house for my ex and my soon retirement.  I am totaling amazed at the timing.  He is there for me working special present needs for me.  I am so grateful.  I pray that he brings the right people in my life at the right time.  Protection.  I look forward to visiting the Shrine often.  Thank you Jesus.

Requested by: Brother Alexander Chung, MIC on 6/21/18

That Kathleen (Kasia) J. Wolski Nuttall and Laura Sovel receive the grace of ceaseless perseverance and final perseverance, so that they will live heaven on earth in joy, peace and love, and one day be with Jesus in Heaven, and for all their intentions and needs.

Requested by: Lesley Anne Sullivan on 6/18/18

Can you lift up some healing prayers for me? I'm getting an ultrasound done on my heart this week. I'll be wearing a heart monitor for a month. Thank you and God bless you! Lesley

Requested by: Cristin Martin on 6/15/18

My doctor thinks that I have infected lymph nodes, but she is wants me to get a mammogram as a precaution.  I have terrible anxiety and I am afraid of the possiblity of cancer.  I know that the odds are pretty slim, but I am still scared.  Please pray for me.  Please ask Jesus to shrink the lumps. Please ask archangel Raphael to intercede on my behalf.

Requested by: Lisa on 6/14/18

Please pray for my marriage to an understanding partner. Our family property to get which our relatives are not giving. My work to be perfect and without errors. My boss and colleagues to respect me. My harassment at work to be stopped.  My career to grow. My parents health and sister's life to be good. My health to be good. To make me strong and confident and remove all my fears. At my home and work all problem to go. Make us a happy home. Really praying for a miracle. Please accept my prayer. Please pray for my carrear to grow to a higher place. My travelling to be easy and trains to be on time. My problems at home to go. My colleagues and friends who demoralize me make me strong at that time. You take charge of the whole situation in life. 

Requested by: Alfred Brown on 6/14/18

Loving Father, we offer Eric to Your Mercy. Cover him with Your Mighty Hand and send Your angels to protect him. Father, surround him with good Christians who by their example and love of Christ can reach him and show him the Blessed Peace that only You can give.  Father send Your Spirit into his heart and mind. Show him the path that leads to You. Give him the desire and will to search Your Holy Word and find comfort and the reason for his existence.  Comfort Alfred and all who love Eric with the knowledge of the Promises of Christ. Father save him and save us all. In the Name of our Savior, Jesus, Who lives and reigns with You in the Unity of the Holy Spirit, One God, forever, we pray, AMEN

Requested by: Maria on 6/11/18 

Please Mother, Help me get the highest possible grades in my exams. I have been so nervous and so frightened. I have been bullied and I have lost faith in my abilities. Please intercede for me and help me, I need You so much. 

Requested by: OLATOYESE on 6/7/18


Requested by: GLENN on 6/5/18

dear mama mary mother of the church &mother of god   my family needs financial to pay our debts loan in bank and for tuition fees for my children please help/bless me for immediate/speedy embarkation onboardship and ask more grace/,guidance, peace and harmony for my work/job as second marine engineer and please help and guide me always to finish my contract as second engineer, please grants family with peace,peace in mind and harmony and please guide us always in your loving hand thank you mama mary and i love you.amen..

Requested by: Kanwal on 6/5/18

Please pray for Kanwal that her husband signed all legal papers and she win the legal case against him. May God end her all problems and get her out of these soon. May she can to strong enough to face all difficulties which her husband is creating for her. May she can have peace of mind. May she can have all the happiness of the world. May God Keep her safe from depression and every act of evil. May no enemy can harm her in any way. May she feel God love and grace in her life. Ameen

Requested by: JANE FERRAO on 6/4/18


Requested by: Nikita on 6/3/18

Please pray for my below intentions: 1) for my marraige. I have been praying to mother Mary for a while now for this intention. I am extrememly worried as I am
not able to find anyone to settle down with and already 28 years of age. 2) to quickly find a buyer for our plot of land in Bangalore. My dad has been trying to sell it since 2014 with no success. We plan to buy a house for ourselves with this and are in need of these funds. 3) for my uncles eyesight. May his nerves be strengthened so he would be able to under an eye operation and will be able to see again. He is currently suffering from blindness. 

Requested by: Pantelitsa  on 6/3/18

Dear sweet mary our lady. I send you my prayer request with deep need of a blessing. And huge mirical today. I ask with a heavy heart for your powerful healing hands to place then above me and heal my tummy and it's unusual swelling. Please let me be well again without need to be in hospital. Heal me back to full health and vitality and to my son frank to. Please bring me great peace harmony and keep us safe from harm and illness.send us happiness and true love and most of all please let me be debt free at last. I worry deeply with all the issues of owe g so much money to my home and I pray all my gard work pays off to be out of debt znd not need to rely on anyone who back stabs me ...please keep all those unothodox toxic Satan people who have used and abused me away forever from my daily path and life..separate evil curses and spirits to be kept amongst themselves in thete homes and businesses and families...please protect me and my son frankie always from these evil curses and traters that call themselves family..they back stab me from aged 17.I'm now 54.I lost almost eveything I ever loved..please heal my broken core and let me regain my power in you to be strong on my feet .open the doors that there curse have shut in my face.remove there green evil eye off me there wish waS to see me homeless and poor and lonely and I'll. From this moment on I plead sweet mary mother of our Lord Jesus to please keep me and frank safe under your divine healing hands and shrine.armen  Forever grateful til.the day I die.

Requested by: Mary on 6/6/18

Mind Body Spirit

Requested by: Clarita on 6/2/18

Jesus pls help me to sell my house .in the name of the lord i pray.amen

Requested by: Christi on 5/31/18 
I have prayed for my Christian life mate since I was 18, so for 20 years now. I've always prayed God lets me know the exact man He has for me. I ask for your prayers that God reveals him soon. Thank you. Christi

Requested by: Xavier on 5/29/18 
Please pray for Nikki to be completely healed of kidney failure and for her life to be saved. Please intercede for a miracle.

Requested by: Seema on 5/28/18
Please pray for Seema that the lord blesses her with his divine wisdom, discernment, understanding, maturity, to have the fear of god in her heart and good memory and grasping power and also the grace to read, write, spell and pronounce the words clearly. That the lord heals every inner wounds and memory of hers and fill her with his love. That lord bless her and her family with good heal and for peace , joy , love and understanding in the family and deliver them from every bondage's, evil habits, weakness and from the desires of the flesh. Bless them the grace to always take the right decision and for veil from their eye and mind to be removed and able to see the truth. That the lord blesses their work and studies and give the success in it. Its my humble request please continue to pray for this family it needs a lot of prays.  

Requested by: Lesley on 5/28/18
Praise report! God heard my cry & has been good to me.I feel amazingly healthy & blessed.He really amazed me.Thank you!  Lesley

Requested by: Regina on 5/28/18
Dear Mother Mary, please may my in-laws and husband not trouble me. May they understand that I'm pregnant and that it's important to have peace in my life. I'm so fed-up of this stress in my life. Please pray for me and my unborn child. 

Requested by: Joyce on 5/28/18
Dear Prayer Warriors, I am requesting prayers for help in removing negative blockages in all areas of my life. I am spiritually being blocked from receiving help in any form and many blessings that are to come to me. I live in an area where a lot of spiritual warfare is still going on. I need prayers to remove the negative blockages that are preventing me from getting jobs, obtaining many opportunities, improving and obtaining my personal fulfillment, mental focus, peace within, financial improvement, discernment and receiving my inheritance that my dad left for me and my mom.  He passed away in 2007. We are to receive money and his property with a house sitting on it. We have been expecting the money since he died but haven?t received it yet. We know we are to receive it. Also, I don?t have a job right now and this has caused me to become financially challenged. I have a student loan that I haven?t paid on in months. I have applications in but no one is calling. My job situation has been going on for over 3 years now. I am financially hurting right now. I need prayers to help me with this.  I also want to ask for help in stopping my hair from falling out, heal the inflammation of the arthritis in my joints and a new mayor for the city of Thomasville, AL. I am requesting prayers for these issues.

Requested by: Vera on 5/28/18
Dear Prayer Warrior,  I am asking for prayers in removing the negative spiritual blocks that are blocking me from receiving any form of help, healing of my arthritis and the severe inflammation of my joints, strengthen my immune system and my lower back and stop my hair from falling out and to grow. I recently filed a claim to receive a monetary settlement. Please pray that I will receive it. Now I?m waiting on a response from the lawyer?s office. I also want my son to move out as soon as possible because he recently came into a lot of money and needs to get out and immediately sever ties with a female who is endangering his life by poisoning him through food.  I?m requesting prayers on these issues.

Requested by: S on 5/28/18
holy mother I give all thanks to thee. holy mother please pray for me, please hear my prayers and answer me. I beg thee for thy mercies and miracles. please stand in the gap for me that all curse, hindrances and bondages out of my life. thy mighty and powerful prayers that protection from all sickness, diseases, harm and danger. thy mighty prayers for a miracle, I am so desperate, I have a large tumour on my right breast, thy mighty prayers and supernatural power that this tumour, melt, shrinks and disappears form my breast. thy mighty prayers that the infection on this tumour healed and dried up and do not spread. Thy mighty favour that through thy prayers that there wont be any operations and chemo surgery. Thy power of the supernatural will heal me. thy miracles prayers when the doctor O is going to do a scan the scan will be clean and clear. mother of god you never fail you have mercy and reach out to thy daughter. I give thanks to thee. Amen

Requested by: Sil on 5/26/18
Mother Mary - [ ] Please help us heal alessandro,please ensure that alessandro will have a very good day tomorrow please ensuee that you are always there to protect and look after alessandro and us all always please ensure that alessandro will never ever develop oe be at risk in developing leukemia or any other form cancer or serious illness ever please ensure that tomorrow is a very good day for us all please ensure that tomorrow is filled with laughter happiness joy good health good times love and positive things always please ensure that alessandeo day tomorrow is filled with laughter happiness joy good health good times love and positive things always please ensure that this year is a very good year for us all pelase ensure that this year is alessandro year in health speech development behavior and schooling please ensure that this year is also my year that I will find true love and happiness please ensure that 2018 is our best year to date pelase ensuee that alessandro will never ever have any bad reaction issue or pain with the penicillin injections he is having and that we will start to see good improvement in alessandro health and behaviour please ensure that alessandro will have a very good day tomorrow please ensuee that I will have a very good day at work tomorrow

Requested by: Br. Alex on 5/25/18
For the complete healing of Maureen Amirault, Mario Costanza, and Caroline Marie Gavin, and for all of their spiritual and temporal needs.

Requested by: Ranjit  on 5/24/18 
I love a girl so much since one year. We were talking each other happily. Her mother, brothers and sisters knows me well. Some of her friends are creating dispute between us and diverting her mind. Whatever they say she blindly does. Now she is not talking with me not even sending any messages nor meeting with me.I want to live with her forever and pray for her so that she will understand my love and come back to me forever and no one can break our relationship. I believe that prayer will make it possible. I believe in Jesus and in prayer. In the name of Jesus. Amen  

Requested by: linda nelson on 5/23/18
Please pray for my brother Frank who has anger issues and can be physically abusive.  Pray he gets the help that he needs.  Pray for healing of his family.  Pray for his protection and his family's protection.  Pray the Holy Spirit will guide me in what I need to say to Frank and his family.  May they all seek help and may their family be healed.  May Frank and his family forgive each other.  May love conquer all.  May the merciful Jesus have mercy on them. Thanks and God Bless,Linda

Requested by: Heidi on 5/22/18
Dear Lord, Please bring Keith and I back together in the most beautiful, loving happy way. Fill our relationship and our hearts with trust, love and security. Restore our relationship to the most beautiful relationship possible. Thank you

Requested by: remi on 5/21/18 .
get rid of sinful habits, cure of throat infection sinus ibs spinal disorders memory loss weak muscle and bones, tackle bullying by boss and staff or find suitable alternative job , protection vile friends designing evil behind me, suitable group as suffering lonliness , protetion harm landlord and tenants illegal means to evict me as other religon and picking fights terror tactics.

Requested by: M on 5/21/18
I ask for prayers for my current job application.  Also for my wife S. and for our parents. For Fr. Pedro R. God bless you.

Requested by: Margaret on 5/21/18
Dear Mother Mary, please pray and intercede for me for complete healing of widespread pains, chronic sinusitis and constant ringing and pain in ears. For my financial problems, I need funds to pay for my pet surgery, for extensive dental work, for my upcoming trip in July and to pay bills. Also that I will find a way to own a home of my own where I will be comfortable and happy. I really need a place to call home.  That my sister will have the money to fix her water damaged house, and that she will have a court case ruled in her favour.  Pray for me for a safe trip in July.  Thank you and God bless

Requested by: mary K on 5/19/18
Please pray for J.T Lord to wipe away his tears, inner wounds, complexes, communication and thinking  problems and every physical,mental and spiritual illness and to get filled with Holy Spirit,its gifts and fruits.Lord,please give him a suitable permanent job in the field he is graduated.Please prepare a Suitable God fearing girl and family for him and let them get married in Your time.Lord,he is Your child,please give him salvation,Forgive all  his and his ancestors sins ,bless his 7 generations ,let him praise and worship you as you deserve and work for the souls in his life.Thanks

Requested by: JYOTHI NIRMALA on 5/19/18
Dear in Christ and Mother Mary ,Please do prayer for me to get my appointment letter as assistant administrator officer in hospital by this month May 2018. Amen Amen Amen, thank you Jesus Praise you Jesus

Requested by: Simphiwe Mthokozisi Shange on 5/18/18
I write to you making a humble request that you pray for me. I am a young priest, doing my best to find and do what is right according to the teaching of Christ.
I ask that you pray for my vocation and calling as it is under attack. I ask that you pray for me to the Lord our God. Asking that He protect that which He bestowed upon me.  I am a sinner in His sight, but seek His mercy and compassion as well as protection from the evils and tribulations. I am yours in humble service Fr Simphiwe Shange 

Requested by: Mary Jane Butkus on5/15/18
Please pray for my son Ryan; he suffers from severe panic attacks. I pray he allows himself to begin taking his medication to lessen the severity of his attacks. I pray that the Good Lord allows him to live a more normal life. 

Requested by: nn j on 5/11/18
God, I'm hurt inside, please pray for Damianus aditya christie and me. I have been waiting for reconciliation and peace for me and him, I have been struggling with pain for the past 4 years. You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner, I come with a broken heart, I feel hopeless and emptyness. if God deign, please God soften and touch Damianus aditya christie heart for me, only God can change people's hearts. i know that prayer is a powerful thing, please help me face things that are beyond my capabilities. because God, You have power to help me. if you do not want this reconciliation to happen, please give me strength to overcome the bitterness. Teach me how to remain grateful when the hardest one, teach me to love You more than anything. I really need a miracle, thank you

Requested by: Terhas  on 5/10/18
Please pray for me so that I don't lose my job. I have a meeting with my managers coming up soon and i hope that all goes well and I get to keep my job intact and license intact. Also pray for my salvation and overall wellbeing. In Jesus name amen. 

Requested by: Michelle  triska   on 5/8/18
.Anita know  I exist and  fall love with  me pray mother mary

Requested by: Lenoy on 5/8/18
I am in need of prayers as my life is in turmoil please prayer for peace in my life

Requested by: brenda morris on 5/8/18
please pray that i find a place to stay before its too late pray that my income comes in time also for my health problems and that i find my wallet also that i sell all the furniture in the house also that i find someone to love me for me and have a family of my own

Requested by: Philip on 5/6/18
Please pray to help me with my marriage.  My wife left 6 months ago and she is blocking all communication with her.  And my family business is going through a lot of financial turmoil.  It?s affecting my home too.  I ask to cancel any evil affecting me or my family now and forever.   I ask God through Jesus Christ to help me and my family with grace and blessings.  Amen! Thank you! Philip

Requested by: Agnes K on 5/4/18
Pray for us in protection and favor  in our employment, buying of a hoise, selling of plot and insurance compensation. For all business negotiayions am undertaking to go through and grant i and Josh a holy matrimony. Amen

Requested by: AgnesK on 5/4/18
Pray for my mother Jane and Late Jelia A. , that you may continue blessings, save their souls, keep them under your protection, be their guide. In Jesus Name i pray that you may grant Jelia and Samsons' souls eternal rest and that perpetual light may shine upon them. Amen

Requested by: donna on 5/3/18
please blessed mother i am begging you please hear my prayers for my dad cure him from all his cancer and pain please and for my mom take all the pain out of her stomach please pray for her not to have anymore hernias in her stomach please i am in need of prayers for them please pray for my mom and dad with me

Requested by: Art on 5/3/18
For Art's protection from All evil and bad. Please Please pray.

Requested by: ANTHONY  A. on 5/2/18
Please help me experience peace  of mind and heart  in all my needs and suffering  of this life  humbly pray to you to heal the many infirmities that afflict soul and all the ills that afflict my body including  Parkinson's disease  and especially a very favorable Dental examination  WHICH I DESPERATELYNEED AND FEAR...and grant me unfailing trust and awareness in God's Loving Mercy.....AMEN